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  • There you are. Just sent you off an email wonderin' how things are this morning. Is the bay frozen over? -32 here with a bit of a wind off and on. Am carrying Bob outside, putting her down quickly, picking her up and rusing back inside before we both freeze. Hope all is well.
    OK. so that means I should be showing up on Goober's thingy as well. Thank you! I guess the deal then is, if you ask me, you show up on mine and I show up on yours. A one-step thing...nice.

    Sure, go ahead and check around. The goofier, the better. As long as it doesn't look like Sir Tight-Ass Napoleon, I'll be happy!
    Yes sireeee, sir. You are right there with the best of them, as well you should be. :)))))!
    Hey, I have been thinkin' about finding you another avatar. Just listen now...... your handle is countryboy........real John Denver stuff there.......just let me look around and see what I can come up with.. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
    Great post on your experiences with Asian folks, Lloyd - shot you some bonus points on that one. Very sincerely written.
    Got your message, sent you an email. Being late is no problem. Say 10:45???
    You just have to check out rufus' postings on Winter Driving an We are in Trouble!!!
    Have been fooling around with that multiple quote thing. I have managed to break the posts into boxes but haven't got the " part down yet. Will keep trying.
    No schedule change, we left at 8:30 on the dot. There is something wrong with the forum today. I keep getting error messages. Will have to see if Andem ( the head honcho here) is working on the site. May not do posts today, until they get it fixed.
    OK, now I'm entering the Twilight Zone. I am in a state of suspended animation, unable to control my computer or bodily functions. I cannot communicate with Mowich but I'm sure she's trying to get through to me. I may **** my pants before I get through this...wish me luck!
    Help! My online chat thing is out of's being controlled by someone from the Outer Limits. I may be doomed here...
    Am I on or off the wall? My online chat thing popped up and I typed all kinds of **** into it, but the window just sat there like a turd in a punch bowl. Color me confused.
    When you get the chance, check out the new post - canadian ice breaker at work.
    Well howdy there :hello1::hello1:Countryboy and welcome to the forum. I have added you as a friend already.

    Any questions, feel free to ask. I'm still asking questions myself but I usually go wall-to-wall with someone on my list of friends.

    Your call on knowing each other off the forum - I can acknowledge you as a friend off-line, or not. :walk:

    Once you get settled we can try out the online chat, be interesting to see the lag time between us. :kermit:

    As you can see the topics and posts are all over the map. I have my favorites that I post on frequently, some I have never visited - no interest, some I 'lurk' in -:lurk: - and others I drop out of because they get way off topic.

    Also, when you find time, check out the [More] on the smilies - there are really great ones, mind you there are hundreds of them and it takes a bit to download them all. I let them all come up and then minimize them for future use. :thumbup:
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