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  • Are you referring to the original concept of karma? Or North America's version of karma where we take glee in the bad luck of others?
    For this thread it is - How else can a person discuss deeply held and such personal beliefs. It has to be civil and polite.
    wish we could thumbs up OP's... wonderful drumming vid, congrats Papa Bear, you must be very proud!! :)
    I put my best ginger face forward just to show you how pissed off I am... you're gonna have to live with it for a bit... lol.
    Sorry bout that, Bear. Wasn't meant for you as you know. RCS can diss. anyone he likes and call them slugs, etc., and one can't fight back?! fukk that. You wouldn't roll over. Me neither.
    Left the comp on, so I'm always logged in. In-laws had their anniversary and father-in-law's b-day. Was originally a bust on Friday, but we redeemed it later. Celebrated Chinese moon festival with them as well. Good times, but hopefully I get to veg next weekend.
    lol - whew! sounds like you wrapped it up just in time! Congrats on getting the renos done though - what a good feeling that is. Always nice to hear from you hon, glad things are going well for you. :)
    lol - just don't try wallpapering. 1//2 day tops is all it takes before someone's dead or maimed and the other's a headline.
    hi sweetie - I'm around always! ;) Things with the things remain a challenge, but so far I'm still keepin my head above water. How about you - you and the fam are good?
    Quick note: thanks for your feedback about a post I made. You were right. It was out of line and has now been removed .

    Have a good day.

    I can't figure out how to get the pic from iphoto on to here. Send email address I I can send it that way if we don't figure this out.
    Evening Bear: The general consensus is that you could not afford a hand carved canoe for your youth group. One person said you couldn't afford the freight from the coast. I will send a picture of one.
    two greenies in one morning. It's gonna go to my head, Bear..............but...........don't stop, feels
    Hey Bear
    I also live in Ontario, Hamilton actually... I would love to get together with you and hear your opinions. They are so opposite to what I believe a human being should strive for, I would just like to know what kind of human being you are and how I can address people of your mind set. Do not take anything I say to you personally or offensive. Think of me as using you as a sample poll, if that is okay. Please understand that everything said is completely unpersonal and if I insult you I would like to apologize in advance, as that is not my intention. I am just curious what people think (especially those who are so different for me) and how we (human beings) can interact and co exsist with such differences.
    Thank you for your responses
    aw Bear. yer on a roll tonight! I had to give you a thumbs up for the streak of diplomacy you suddenly flaunted! and thank you for the compliment hon.
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