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  • Well, it looks like Six Nations is playing my team for the Ontario crown, after all!

    Arrows to play Northmen for OLA Junior A title | Lacrosse | Sports | Brantford Expositor

    And I'm heading off for Game 1 as I speak!
    Hey Bear, I was just going through my inbox, procrastinating to avoid work, and I found an alert for a post you made a few weeks ago that I'd missed saying, holy crap! where have you been! :) I feel bad I didn't see it and say hi! That's a nice welcome back. I have been busy--but also I discovered Facebook and reconnected with childhood friends. So I was awed by FB. lol How have you been?
    Happy a_cdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz day !
    I coded it not to make it obvious for the others to read ;) :D
    I don't like anyone... lol. I'm a song by song gal. I was actually looking for one skrillex song I've liked before and saw that, and figured I'd give it a listen. I really enjoyed it. Now I'll have to go look for jr.gong's stuff and see what of his I like.
    You need to clean out your mailbox if you want to read the awesome reply I have prepared. LOL.
    haha RANDY! love it. ... and I can't help it... the whining gets me every single time. like nails on chalkboard.
    hi you! Home sick with the flu - better get back to work soon tho, I seem bent on not keeping my big yap shut today! lol
    I appreciate that Bear, but, you guys get 'good' me. Hubby can attest to my fiery temper. lol.
    You've seen me in action all these years Bear. You know there's truth to it ;). Lol
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