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  • *gasp!* mistletoe!! mistletoe!!! I haven't seen mistletoe in SO long.

    *karrie goes running to plant one on a slightly scared looking Bear*

    Nice to see you around ya big lug... even nicer to catch you with an excuse for a smooch. heeheehee.
    Life's good, thanx for asking...I'm taking a snowday. Been runnin' as ragged as the Mom in your "Dear Santa" thread.

    Good to see you around, it's been awhile.
    lol... as a matter of fact I do know of a mistletoe that's harbouring a hawtie waiting for a big bear to amble along... ;-) Life's good dear. Busy, but good. You?
    Nice tree, needs some water and sugar though...

    Hey, I think I have my first victim under the Mistletoe...

    lol.... you like the new look Bear? It was all about tempting you of course. What a shameless hussy I am.
    LOL.... Craziness Bear. You'd best change the subject alright.

    You could use a hug... how's that for a change of topic? ;-)
    Actually, after some second thoughts, I was concerned that this wall was beginning to look like something Doc would dream up....Despite the simularities between your description and the real deal...this is a topic I'ld like to walk, not swim away from, lol...

    I hate water sports..
    I swear on all that is sacred, I cannot possibly fathom what sort of device you might be talking about. I'm picturing some sort of freakish funnel and hose system - like one of those beer helmets, but upside down I dunno... Tell me I'm wrong. Please.

    You know there's a thingy you can get at a sporting goods store to help you get over that lil issue, so's you can do it yourself eh?
    sooooooo I hear the name of the game is 'marking' on da walls now hmmm.. okaaaaayyyy if that's the way it's gotta be, then that's the way it's gotta be. ummm sorry, had to go git a boy dawg to help me out with this one ;-)
    haha... a clean wall that Zan hasn't gotten to yet... I must write on it. Mwahahaha!
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