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  • Hey Bear. :) Well, I don't agree with everyting I say either! LOL I mean, I do at the time, but many of my views are under ongoing study, which is why I love debating. Do you know that moment when you were so certain about something and you learn new facts and context, see a different perspective and think, holy crap, I was wrong! I love that moment. It's eye opening so when you disagree, I hope you challenge me. I'm probably right and you're probably wrong, but who knows. ;-P
    That's OK, we all get busy, and I came to the conclusion not all my posts get read, lol.

    It's good to see you back though. I don't agree with everything you say, but I appreciate your ability to use reason and critical thought.
    Yep. This site is pretty cool. There are a lot of awesome features to be found here. I'm not sure if you have found this one out yet, but you can set a 'Theme' which would change the background that shows up. To access them, Click on 'Settings', and then choose a Theme!:)
    Hello there.:)

    Don't forget, if you click on my Avatar you can post on my Wall. This will work for anyone that has their Wall enabled.:)
    Ole Ole Olanda, ya se ve... words from a Spanish song I liked as a kid. Eeeeeeeeeehaw. I have the power to post on walls... :)
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