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  • Told you - she's back!!!! I've been warned by two other Can. Com members but I think she is not only here by one name but two. I also think I was right when that woman tried to make friends with me a couple of weeks ago or so and I refused. Let the games begin. She hates me most so I am attempting to get her to lose it. Nasty - right? Wrong. It might be quiet around here but we don't need Harley to liven things up. Wonder how her and gerryh would get along? hahaha Do you think he could win? I actually wish he could.
    Thanks cliffy, Happy Harmonica to you too , hopefully it will not be the blues with that lol.
    Nookie hahah that is what my ex gave me as a nick name ;)
    Thanks.. My Christmas will be much of the shape this Santa is in. Will try as hard as possible to make it ok for the kids but have told them it will be about family and love, not presents this year.. Times just make it so..
    Hi Cliffy, could have gone without a car accident.. Hence why I need as little stress as possible.. But kids are still well and that's good. All in all still OK.. How have you been ?
    Nothin' The great snows have paralyzed us Aether Islanders, topknots and all!
    I will do that Cliff but not tonight. Time to go hit the kip. Have to work for the next 4 days amongst packing to move. Sold our house a few days ago and have to move by the 29th! It was kind of funny because less than a half hour after we removed all subjects, a "back-up" couple (they had an offer in just in case we didn't take it), offered us $7,000.00 over what we paid. They seemed to really want it but - so do we so we said no to selling it before we even move in. Can you imagine us selling the house we are in about 10 days ago without even listing it and then needing to move so quickly to another home and what would we have done if we had accepted their offer? Between now and Oct. 29 we would have had to settle for something we probably would not have wanted. I started my packing today.
    Thanks bud! Good idea! The day's *cough* shaping up to be a really good one! The sun's finally popping out right now... Looks like I'll go out for some fresh air soon, and then tonite I'll come hang out...later! :)
    I thought it might be fun to start a private Fantasy Football league for us, private with the CCons, any group of 12 or so. I play every season. It is as good as any facebook app! lol !!!!
    It will give us a good reason to stay in touch and give each other some booyahs! Or some friendly grief!! lol !!!

    NFL.com, ESPN.com, FOXsports net, YahooSports has a good one. Any suggestions? Demands??? lol!!!

    Auto or live draft? Auto probably preferred with your pre-draft rankings.

    Write me back before Monday??
    I look forward to it.
    I can set it up or whoever...

    God Bless You
    May the Lord Grace your
    weekend with Angels!

    Mark Bellware
    Hi Cliffy!
    Sorry I'm late in replying but I'm on the computer all day at work so when I get home it's the last thing I want to see
    ! Too bad, 'cause I finally completed my set - I've got the kick ass system, the 24" screen and now I have a printer with a flatbed copier and printer that prints up to tabloid size - with bleed. I drool, but I'm too computer'd out to use it. AH THE HUMANITY!!!!
    I've read SRM's posts he's just the same and WHAT is this obsession he has with titles! LOL!
    Our summer is ok - really wet, but I'm from the maritimes and the expression 'overcast' doesn't scare me! My sweetie is home - the occasional official trip hither thither and yon, but he's pretty much home until October , when he retires. Me? I'd quit my job in a pinch to take up traveling with him but in the past couple of years I'm thinking that he's traveled enough - I think he wants to, as Jed Clampett said, to 'set a spell'.
    Well looking forward to hearing from you sometime! :)
    Okay bud... No pressure just remember!!!! lol!!!!
    The Hollywood Free Paper
    Source: www.hollywoodfreepaper.org
    The Hollywood Free Paper was the twice monthly newspaper of the Jesus Movement from 1969 till roughly 1975. Our website continues to be a gathering place for the Jesus People.
    Thanks for message cliffy, I am checking in, and will from time to time, although at the
    moment I'm just reading posts, and not posting. I really did hit the wall, got very tired of
    most of the comments, and decided to take a rest from it all, however, I do miss it, and
    maybe I can slowly get back again, we'll see. Take care.
    Hi, Cliffy
    Unfortunately I find no pleasure in CC anymore. If people like morgan and gh refuse to see the reasoning behind why people like me, Anna, you, etc. and respond with civility, reason, and respect, then I can find better things to do than taking part in the illogical battle they offer. I am back at the Brights after a year and a half of absence. http://www.the-brights.net/forums/
    Hey Cliffy!
    I'm not online as often as I'd want due to gainful employment and a numerous number of work related social engagements- I work on a computer all day doing graphics and when I get home at night, this magnificent (well except for the Vista thing) that I bought goes largely unused - I don't even play Oblivion, DAMMIT!!

    Tell me - has our other forum actually bit the biscuit? I miss you guys in my life!
    Cliffy those three books were written by females unless you have a few pen names you are not sharing? I want to read 'your' books please.
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