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  • You must be. The guy in this pic. looks a good 25 years younger than the last guy I saw. I admit I had to chuckle at how we all change as we age. Thinking of you and other pictures where you are so skinny and had so much hair!!!! Hair has never been a problem for me but -- skinny is.
    Another new look today. Why all the changes. Your last one was the real you (present day)
    Had a look see at your site. and the e-books look very interesting. I like your profile . I too love nature, the ocean and mountains in particular. Animals of almost every kind are my soft spot . Have adopted a Lion (Sinbad ) via Born Free Foundation , who had been rescued from ugly conditions and moved to Shamwari Park in S. Africa. He is my pride and joy.
    ......enjoy your well appointed posts . Happy Halloween .
    You are right. I don't hang out on those threads and it really is quite boring on here. I guess the most boring thing is that the same old fighters keep up the same old fight. They are boring too.
    Getting chilly your way yet? Bright sun here today but our wet weather is back tomorrow and for days. I recall one Halloween that was so so cold here and every other has been raining. Where I live now, not a single kid comes to the door. Seems kind of odd. Lots of widows in here and I guess they just don't answer their doors so the kids don't bother.
    Where is the thread "Strict Language Rules For Immigrants"? Did someone go all ballistic in there today? Don't tell me someone got all bent out of shape about one of my opinions again did they??
    By the way I love the new avatar. I keep hearing Bob Dylan singing, "Johnny's in the basement mixing up the medicine. I'm on the pavement thinking about the government. The man in the trench coat, badge out, laid..... LOL
    Sorry man, that was my account. This is my book store address: Cliff Woffenden's Storefront - Lulu.com
    You know Cliffy I have been looking at your avatar for quite some time and always thought it was the rear view of some kind of skull. Today I enlarged and just realized it was a wolf baying at the moon. LOL
    Hi Cliffy, thank you for your considered comments. It is a joy to read the comments of those who ponder the question and answer first before posting.
    Hey Cliffy! I was just thinking about what you said on my wall - "Debating religion is like trying to re-constitute your supper from your bowel movement - a waste of time." I find it peculiar that you think its a waste of time and yet we've had so many discussions on this stuff. For the record I really enjoy talking about these kind of subjects, you can really learn just by pondering and posting. Keep up the good work bud!
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