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  • I understand the highlight thing, Jay, but I have to wonder how you got along before there was an internet. lol um, you see, if I let you on my friends list then I'd have to be friends with - *points hand in a level sweeping arc* - e v e r y b o d y e l s e. And how would poor alleywayz feel if we made it official when I denied him the same just a few short weeks ago? Dejected? Miserable? Forsaken by the very God he loves? I'd like to think a real friend would agree that I just couldn't inflict such trauma on another human being. compris?
    Ah, the idealism of youth. Nice to see someone who can think outside the box. Next step is to climb outside and abandon the box all together. Welcome.
    Working on a Information piece about the Tar Sands >o> Pain in the ass. But hey, why not right?
    Heylo, wanted to give you guys/gals and introductory statement, but I think that my actions will speak for themselves.
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