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  • So, you know someone named "Sasha", do you?;)

    Apparently someone said that "you" (as in 55Mercury) recommended that they post their story about the sex they got. Considering the account here is named 'DarrylAref' and the IP Address is in the Ukraine, I think it's safe to say that I can ban the account, right? LOL!:)
    Ha yeah, that would be a pretty d*** move, no worries.

    I know how you feel about the friend thing, my facebook has like 450 people on it.. and it gets tough saying hi to all of them. :/
    It's more for my own memory then other people.
    The big blue highlight is mildly helpful.
    Hey 55Mercury,
    It's not just about the head count. I like having a list of members who I have interacted with, and because its a "friends list" its kinda like we have mutual respect for our differing opinions. Basically, I'm just a nerd. But I understand that not everyone is interested in having a friends list so you don't have to add me if you dont want to... its all good....:) see ya in threads!
    Welcome back HG.....I guess the parole board reconvened later for you than for me.....you had a good mouthpiece
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