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  • No. Not a transplant from anywhere either. Hope you trust the guy who made your hat. And he was in a good mood that day. What about the other hat. Does your attitude change with the change of hats?? Wonder why??
    Hi Cliff,
    Seems I hardly ever talk to you anymore. I just noticed your picture. Looks much like the one you have on facebook but this one is more clear. How are things going for you. Are you remembering you meds for your heart? You take care.
    IslandSpecific :)
    Cliff- check out the posts by Wee Leprecaun and see what you think. I'd keep my thoughts on the QT.- don't want to get anyone stirred up.
    Cliffy the Biffy - You are truly one of the voices of reason on the posts and I appreciate you helping me keep my sanity here
    Hey Cliff,
    Merry Christmas to you. Enjoy your dinner out with your friends. I hope your weather doesn't get too bad.
    Merry Christmas Cliffy ,The Truth is born again; from moment to moment ,not once a year .
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