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  • To help cleanse the body of toxins like flouride and radiation.

    Add a couple inches of '20 Mule Train' Borax to 1L of water and mix well. Drink in small amounts throughout a 24 hour period. Repeat as needed.

    I have tried this with amazing results. The milk industry in Hawaii has also taken up the task. You 'might' also notice it in our milk by microwaving a glass. You may notice the microwave 'crackle' as if there is a small amount of metal in the milk being heated.

    Hawaii Health Guide - Big Island Dairy Farmers fight radiation with Boron
    Untested by myself. Use at own risk. This is the recipe for colloidal gold. As colloidal silver is good for your bodily health isses, colloidal gold is good for your mental issues. Said to heal isses of anxiety, dression, drug addiction,....

    Here is the recipe. <$3.00 for 1L @ 20 ppm,

    Chemical Method:
    Make Colloidal Gold from Gold Chloride - YouTube

    Electric Method (near the same as CS):
    Making Colloidal Gold from Gold Wire and Electrolysis - YouTube
    Hi Canadian Love ,Thanks for your message regarding the Chinese train Industry .
    Well back again for a peek,

    Cliffy asked about the silver. I have to say that I am 100% pleased. It took some time but the spot is gone.

    I started to reapply the silver soaked bandaids for a short time last summer to see if I could get rid of the last of the spot. As I remember it was about a week of applications keeping the bandaid moist as much as I could. I then stopped as it was getting to be a pain in the arse at work and such. Within a week of stopping the spot swelled up like a dark flake of skin and I picked it off. There was a little redness for a week after that but better then after you take a scab off a healed wound.

    I still try to get a glassfull into me every couple of months.

    As a note for above: I went close to a year between the external treatments; I likely could have done the second sooner. No telling how long a good break is though till futher tests are done.
    Hi CanadianLove,
    Long time no see. Welcome back. Are you still doing the colloidal silver? Have you turned blue yet?
    April 2, 2009
    Well i'm slightly disappointed. The mark is back only lighter an about half the size. After the last high spot came off (which was darker) the lighter area showed up better. Before it looked like some scar tissue or something, but now it looks a light light brown. It is a rough dry though like the area was previously as it shrank and raise then fell off.

    I will continue and see how it goes. By the way the freckle spot (the deep one) has healed without a mark and the second one is almost healed.

    Off to but more bandaids - keep you posted.
    March 25, 2009
    Have been experimenting with the prolonged application of the colloidal silver to a specific external area. I have used the cloth elastoplast bandages that have a non-stick surface right the the edge of the bandage. I applied this over the area and then try to keep to wet with the colloidal silver solution. I usually apply a small amount 5-6 times a day, whenever I notice the bandage has dried and have the time and opportunity. Been about one week (5days off and on). Will go another week.

    The spot on my arm is half the size of a pencil eraser now but another small sore has appeared. It is small - about the size of a pencil lead, or smaller, but it is there so I thought I should mention it. It appeared at the old outside edge of the spot far away from the new outside edge. It scabs easy and is in the same healing stage as the almost healed freckle spot on the opposite side of the area.

    I say thumbs up for this method, although it does look funny, because I shaved that area of my arm.
    March 17, 2009
    Update on the Colloidal Silver. Have stayed with the lower level of intake for now with a higher intake today. Have not gotten around to having it lab tested at this time.

    The skin spot which I was applying CS topically has stopped getting smaller in diameter. It is now about the same area as the eraser end on a pencil and has been for about 3 days. Today, I noticed that it is beginning to rise from the skin in a wart like fashion (just enough to say it is happening) and expect it will eventually fall off, as did the freckle.

    Speaking of the freckle. A small soar or scab did develop after the freckle fell off, and was slow to heal. But, given the suspected nature of the freckle, I can live with that, as it is almost healed right over at this point. I also the expect the larger spot to leave a similar scab, when it eventually does fall off.

    Will update again soon.
    March 10, 2009
    Something is happening!! A few years ago I was working on a chemical tanker and I happened to get a small drop of a very toxic substance on my arm. Coal Tar - not corrosive but very toxic. I did not wipe it off right away because I didn't want to spread it so I waited a little while.

    After a month a light brown spot appeared which looked like a age spot but exactly the size and place of the chemical spot (about half the size of a dime). Also a small freckle, at it's edge. I have never had it tested, as I do not trust the medical establishment in the least. That goes way back. I go for a yearly physical because of work, thats it.

    I have been applying the SC topically to the spot since I started making it last weekend. Today the frackle has fallen off in the shower and the spot is starting to fade at the opposite edge.

    Now we are talking physical proof to ones self about the benefits of SC. Just three days.
    March 09, 2009
    Continue to feel great, but the weather is great, could have a lot to do with it. Energy levels still seem up. Intake SC made with spring water is about half a 16oz. bottle per day.
    March 08, 2009
    Made a bottle of SC with bottle water and sipped it through day - drank about half of it.
    Have noticed more energy and no need to nap half way through day. Used to a watch system split shift so naps are a normal thing - but only first day. Urine is getting more cloudy as day goes on - good sign that system is flushing impurities.
    March 07, 2009
    Started Colloidal Silver intake today. Home made manufacture device consisting of a 9V battery, a two post barrier strip, two electrodes of 14 gauge fine Silver from Mexico. Silver was tested using a sulfur test prior to use and seemed fine to me. I only questioned due to the stiffness of the wire. I then remembered that I had hand pulled wire smilar to this and that it was much stiffer prior to heat treatment.

    Have a 8oz. lowball glass to prepare CS and tap water. Run for 2-3 minutes as recommended and drank two glasses off the bat. Guestimating about 2-3ppm. Papers recommend 1Tbl - 16oz. of 1-5ppm.

    Plan to make a couple of test samples and take them in to be tested. Will use both tap and destilled water for them, run for timed lengths of time - see what they cost. Wish to keep it 9V as it is easy to carry in pocket for travel.
    Thank you Canadian Love ,Yes I am aware of this incident A tragedy for many .
    I have been into metaphysics for forty years and I know how to protect myself from negative energy. I studied with native shamans for many years and I also know how to do battle with people who practice the dark arts. I hope you do too.
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