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  • We had a new influx of members at the other forum ;) They or a mouthy member was attcked by an old member . Some of the attack watered off to another member by association.Sorry for being so cryptic, That member was thinking of leaving , my advice was that she would be leaving her friends behind if she did that, to stand by thier own.
    Jus think of those that will miss you.

    Tell Anna theres the ignore option too. Nothing pisses off a troll better is when they are not answered . I learned that with Westmanguy lol. Please tell her that. Loved that girls spirit ;)
    Hey Gil sorry about Anna , i liked her , tho i didn't spend much time here.
    She had lots to offer IMO , Give her my reguards , I would of loved to have gotten to know her . Sorry to see you go even we didn't agree on certain things I always like you .
    Take care , hope to see or hear from you
    Brights forum? Do you have the web address for that? I will be interested in looking at it, doesn’t hurt to look around.
    Les, I have enjoyed yours and Anna's company on here. It has been such a pleasure to have met you both. I do hope you check in in the future to reassess the situation as things are calming down (although Gherry and the captain have turned their attention to me, I can handle those bozos. I have sparred with the capt. on CanCom too.) Too many good people are packing it in here. We need good people like you and Anna to counter ballance the yahoos.
    Any way. I would like to know about those other sites to. If you would be so kind as to forward a name or link, it would be most appreciated.
    Les, I'd really hate to see you go! I have enjoyed many of your posts and always look forward to reading your views. Zan pretty much already said this, but I wanted to as well. I hope that you and Anna will both reconsider and stick around and hopefully get past this. Regardless, I wish you both well!! Haz
    I really think Anna would do ok here once the problem gets sorted out - I know they're working on it... just a bit longer and it might be better again.... pls ask her to come back in a few weeks... she was a wonderful poster - well informed, personable, a wonderful addition to our little family here. These things tend to go in cycles, I think this one is almost over...
    Les, pls give the place time to find it's footing again... you know we get taken down every now and again with members who don't treat the place or the members very well, but over time it seems to even out.... I really enjoyed your wife's posts, I hope she gives it another shot here too... take care... Zan
    By the way, where is Les? I haven't been around in almost a month so I am still catching up around here.
    Hello Anna. I think I may have solved your problem. I know that there is some sort of delay with regards to email notification. If you have just recently chosen the option to "not receive them" then there may be a last few popping through before the end of it.

    You can't really "cancel" an account anyway. LOL! We could always ban it, but I really don't want to do that. We will find a solution! LOL!
    lol... I hope that my comment in the gay parade thread wasn't too thinly veiled.
    Thank you Les and Anna and ... Les it is so cool to see you back! Have missed you on CC, hope all is well in your world .... Thank you for fixing the "glitch" on my wall (lol) ... I could tell Anna was an internet virgin *winks* ... Have an awesome day / night ((Kiwi))
    Hey Les... nice pics. If you click on the picture it opens up larger and shows you the comments. :)
    Thank you for the compliments Anna. Yeah I think they're a pretty good looking lot :) All have a great sense of humour too. I would love to see some pics of you guys. Perhaps get one of your kids to help with uploading pix? Hope Les will be A O K our fighting the fires, very scary stuff! We have just started winter here, so it's cold, wet, misty and miserable. Rock on Spring!
    That is an awesome saying! Love it. I so love a great "Attitude" to life and I believe if you have a good attitude in general you can't go wrong. Life is for living yet many of us don't! Crazy! Sense of humor goes a longgggggggggggg way too! ;) You have an awesome sense of humor and I just bet Anna does too....
    Oscar Wilde once said, "Pleasure is the only thing to live for. Nothing ages like happiness." And I think that is what life is for and what it's all about. Enjoy it while we have it. :)
    Dag means hard case, funny, humorous person i.e. she's a dag! .... A dag/s are also known as the woolly sh*tty bit that hangs off a sheeps bum! TRUE! Thank you for the well wishes Les re my sis, she is very special to me and when the time comes I will be beyond devastation BUT until that day comes I rock on as I cannot dwell! I spend time with her as she allows as she still gets stroppy! ha! It's in the breed, (lol) .... It's great to be alive and every day above the ground is a good day! ((Kiwi))
    LMAO!!! Now I get it, you have to get me when I haven't been working all day...I wonder where Logic 7 has gone? lol...I prefer Logic 7 to Scott. I know that sounds harsh, but Scott's just mean, 7 was fun...sometimes...lol.
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