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  • (lol) Les, you're a dag. I'm back and rearing to get into some more games aye :)
    I have been spending some time with my beautiful Sister, she hasn't long for this world ((hugs)) ... So what's been happening around here? I have missed you guys
    Your name is now pink! You were blue yesterday, I think you change to pink after hitting 10,000 posts!
    I'll send you the dates when hubby books his vacation tomorrow, and we'll go from there.

    As for my ignore list... anyone who constantly uses the ignore list as a threat, deserves to quietly be added to it. lol.

    And my b-day rocked. :)
    hmmm... 'thinking that she'll never get first' ? You know... on the lyrics hangman, for the last few words.
    hey you...

    So, when I travel from Edmonton to the coast at the end of July, should I include a 'romp' through your flower gardens as one of our stops? *grin*
    I put out transplant corn two weeks ago, they are alive, but struggling, and just put more out yesterday, they will do well. green beans are just starting to grow, mixed
    salad is growing, some early potatoes are growing, just put in later ones a week ago.
    It's nice and warm here now, sure hope it stays now. Good luck with yours.
    Volunteer squash is growing well, left over from last year, and onions are starting to
    perk up. Strawberries look good with flowers, and blueberries as well.
    hows that garden of yours doing, is it too early up there to see anything yet, or is
    it growing good, we've had a cold spring, but some things are managing to poke up
    through the ground. A few potatoes, squash, salad, beans, just transplanted some
    corn from indoors, but it seems to be struggling, a little early I think.
    It's been warm and sunny. We're in Vancouver visiting wifey's sister at the moment, though. Not really any different plans from last year, actually. Boating, hiking, camping, growing veggies, etc. :) You?
    I was kinda hoping, too, but she seemed content to hover and jab me periodically with suggestions as to what I should say. lol
    right on! I like seeing people get put in their place. lol. I hope she does come and give him a piece of her mind.
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