Trudeau has eyes set on a great reset for Canada


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Sep 23, 2015
Peoples Republic of Canuckistain.. 😂😂🇨🇦
Couldn't we just have gone with Beer Canada, or at worst, Beer Canukishstein?

The souvenir sales along with the pot sales could fund our hole wreckonomy.

Dixie Cup

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Sep 16, 2006
The "Great Reset" is a Marxist goal of taking away many of our rights & freedoms as well as disallowing property ownership. It's part of the U.N. plan to globalize & take over the West by ensuring that we lose any wealth accumulated throughout. The goal is not unlike Venezuela whereby it has a wealth of resources but people are starving because the "wealth" isn't being distributed - it's being hijacked by those in power lining their pockets.

Trudeau is only one of several World Leaders (Biden/Harris - especially Harris) that are on board for this major change because he's wealthy, has the connections & resources to ensure his family will be fine. Canadians, on the other hand, are dangerously close to losing everything and we will if we don't get our "heads out of the sand."

Trudeau is a leader who is using the NDP & Bloc parties to pretty much rule the roost as all decisions have not gone through parliament which is what he has wanted all along - to rule without having to "consult" anyone. Any investigations into what he has done or is doing are not happening because he has all the "cards" so the opposition parties can't get anything done.

We are in a lot of trouble world-wide because we have been "asleep at the switch!"

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Aug 14, 2020
Trudeau calling out Trump for inciting. Chickenshtt bastrd now that there is no chance.

I say lets congregate at parliament hill and if it is cold maybe we will have to go inside.

Right there will tell the true tale of our elected representatives as they exit the back door. They would all need a month to recover and the senate will be finished with showing up altogether.


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Jun 28, 2010
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Ford really loves that Trudeau.

Ford said Trudeau is working aggressively to get the vaccines, but said his province is in a desperate situation.

“He is working his back off. He is trying his very best. He really is,” he said. “He understands the situation we are all in.”



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Sep 23, 2015
Oh great, now we'll need extra body bags too!!! Did he order any of those?

Swiss nursing home resident reportedly dies after getting COVID-19 vaccine​

Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting the Pfizer covid vaccine as her father says he 'wants answers'​

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Over 3,000 “Health Impact Events” After COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinations​

  • skin redness, hives, and itching;
  • swelling of the eyes, lips, tongue, throat, hands, feet;
  • trouble swallowing and breathing, wheezing;
  • diarrhea or vomiting;
  • abdominal or chest pain;
  • fast or irregular heartbeat;
  • dizziness, sudden drop in blood pressure;
  • headache;
  • confusion, vision and speech problems;
  • shock/loss of consciousness;
  • cardiac arrest;
  • death

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla hasn’t received the COVID vaccine — and here’s why​

Bourla explained to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Monday that he did not want to appear to be jumping ahead in line to receive the vaccine.

Why do you hate old folks so much MF?
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