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Jan 26, 2017
Another mindless diatribe where it is obvious you haven't read what you quoted.

Take your meds, buddy. It'll help.

Thank you for issuing the standard LIE-beral denial of all truth and logic!

Here is another dose of truth and logic for you to deny!

Here is an article illustrating HOW DESPERATE Our idiot Boy Justin and his federal LIE-berals are to use Wuhan Virus as a cover for their efforts to BUY another majority govt! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Wage subsidy legislation delayed while Liberals and Tories negotiate over virtual parliament

By Ryan Tumilty National Post. Published: April 8, 2020

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to convene a virtual parliament rather than it meeting in person with fewer MPs participating.

(Yes - Our idiot Boy is doing everything in his power to minimize ANY public or opposition party scrutiny of his activities in these desperate days as our federal govt sends OVER TWO HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS of MAD MONEY out the door in a frantic hope of staving off social CHAOS! LIE-berals PREFER that they conduct govt biz AWAY from the eyes of tv cameras and away from HARSH OPPOSITION QUESTIONS - so they can HIDE selfish impulses!)

(Our idiot Boy has been caught red handed trying to RIG our elections with his despicable “electoral reform” that would paralyse our parliament by introducing a chaotic number of lunatic fringe one issue parties and he has attempted to FORCE us to accept a govt specified number of candidates of certain gender - regardless of who we wish to actually vote for!)

(The CBC - our Communist Broadcasting Corp has been caught using a DELIBERATELY DECEITFUL interpretation of “Fair use policy” which is specifically designed to enable ALL OF US to comment on and repeat remarks made by politicians - with this policy dating back centuries on the grounds that detailed discussion of political policy was ESSENTIAL for public education and thus political comment IS NOT covered by the usual copyright laws!)

(Yet LIE-beral loving CBC HOGS CHEATED on fair use policy in the 2015 election and used it to DENY and CENSOR ANY Conservative policy or comment on CBC media - yes - we pay billions in tax dollars so CBC HOGS can distort the truth IN FAVOUR OF LIE-berals!)

(IN other news - prior to the 2019 election - LIE-berals established a $600 million dollar SLUSH FUND to be doled out to Cdn news media “That they trusted”! Meaning Cdn media that said kind things about LIE-berals - thus LIE-berals BOUGHT good news from friends and allies - and financially screwed those media people they did not like!)

(Then in the most outrageous fashion - LIE-berals issued a summons to Rebel News Media owner Ezra Levant to come to Ottawa from Toronto - on his own time and expense - to face charges that he allegedly violated the new Election Act that requires political commentators to REGISTER with and be approved by our LIE-beral overlords before being allowed to speak or write public comment!)

(Levant`s ALLEGED “crime” was to publish a book detailing LIE-beral corruption during the election WITHOUT first getting LIE-beral permission to do so!)

(As a result of this ALLEGED lack of permission, Levant was INTERROGATED by RCMP investigators for several hours and he secretly video taped the event - which is a VIOLATION of those NASTY LIE-beral privacy laws designed ONLY to protect LIE-berals!)

(The Levant tape is a DAMNING indictment of LIE-beral arrogance in that during the questioning - Levant produced the summons he had received - ordering him on pain of assorted fines and legal judgements to report to Ottawa RCMP investigators for interrogation - and Levant read directly from the new LIE-beral legislation - quoted in his summons - that SPECIFICALLY EXEMPTS book publishers like Levant from any need to register with Elections Canada!)

(The investigation is apparently “ongoing’ though where it will go - other than straight to LIE-beral HELL - is unknown!)

OTTAWA – Critical wage subsidy legislation is being held up as the Conservative and Liberals spar over just how the House of Commons will hold the government to account during the COVID-19 crisis.

(In other news - LIE-berals and Conservatives CONTINUE to argue over the wild power grabs LIE-berals are trying on! First - LIE-berals sought to COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN our Parliament until December 2021 - which would have given them TOTAL POWER to spend and tax AS THEY PLEASED - with NO over sight by ANY opposition party! As it is widely expected that the LIE-beral minority govt will NOT survive past the spring 2021 budget process - closing Parliament until December 2021 should be seen as the sort of TRICK seen in third world dictatorships like Iran would use to stifle democracy!)

The big sticking point is that Liberals want a “virtual” Parliament while the Conservatives want to have Parliament come back in person but with reduced numbers and regular sittings.

(And now we have LIE-berals arguing over a “virtual Parliament” - meaning one that will meet online - which Conservatives find unacceptable due to the glitches they have recently experienced as many MP`s either could not hear or could not speak etc - thus that “online Parliament” is apparently DESIGNED to SILENCE
opposition party voices and limit their input - using technical “glitches” AS AN EXCUSE to silence critics - it’s a third world scum move!)

The issue is delaying the passing of the $73 billion wage subsidy legislation that must be approved before cheques to businesses can start flowing.

(In the latest news - the aid package has been passed and now LIE-berals are fighting over how often a LIMITED Parliament - with about 30 senior MP`s in attendance at each meeting - with LIE-berals wanting ONE meet per week and Conservatives insisting on THREE meets per week!)

(IN light of the over TWO HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS in BORROWED GRAVY that LIE-berals are doling out - and with that debt set to seriously hamper our future economy it seems ESSENTIAL that the cash be spent CAREFULLY!)

(And in light of previous LIE-beral skullduggery it seems ESSENTIAL that LIE-beral be CAREFULLY supervised to ensure cash is spent FAIRLY! The LIE-beral media slush fund previously mentioned is only one of multiple LIE-beral efforts to BUY VOTES from select groups!)

(WE should also recall that LIE-berals GAVE THEIR APPROVAL to proven corruption and bribery by Lavalin and then BLOCKED the RCMP investigation that SHOULD BE ONGOING! )

(In other news we should recall Wynne-bag Ontari-owe LIE-berals and their sale of Ontario-owe Hydro to “private investors” - meaning PALS of the LIE-beral party - and NO member of the general public need apply! THEN LIE-berals shut the books on OUR electrical generation company - citing privacy laws for PRIVATE COMPANIES - so we could not see what gravy LIE-berals were feeding to party pals - even though tax payers are SUPPOSED TO RETAIN majority control of the Hydro Company!)

(The hard truth is that LIE-berals have PROVEN THEY MUST HAVE careful public scrutiny of ALL aspects of govt to avoid that shameless vote buying and discrimination against ordinary tax payers!)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government welcomes the scrutiny of the Opposition, but wants to convene a virtual parliament with more participants.

(Our idiot Boy wants MORE virtual participants? Will the increased numbers result in MORE “technical glitches” that silence opposition parties? As always - the idiot Boy offers generic platitudes but cannot explain coherently WHY he wants to LIMIT and hamper Conservatives who want details of govt activities!)

(And of course the idiot cousins - Greenies and Ndpees are supporting LIE-berals on this - apparently because they figure LIE-berals are being weakened by the hypocrisy and the cousins expect to pick up more votes at LIE-beral expense - as happened in the 2019 election! And naturally the cousins DO NOT want to see Conservatives get any credit for their input into the fight against Wuhan Virus!)

“It’s important that parliamentarians from every corner of the country, not just those within driving distance of Ottawa should be able to weigh in on the working of our democracy. That’s why we’re looking at virtual models for doing that,” he said.

(Uh huh- and LIE-berals have already MESSED UP their virtual Parliament!)

COVID-19 crisis: Opposition ready to work with Liberals on new wage-subsidy bill

(Yes- Conservatives will support sensible action - but they WILL NOT support closing Parliament for nearly two years as LIE-berals wanted! Nor should
Conservatives be expected to sit silent and impotent while the LIE-beral Minority doles out $200 billion dollars mainly to LIE- beral PALS!)

'It’s ready, fire, aim': Opposition slams Liberals for confused rollout of $71B wage program

(Yes - there have been repeated complaints from people left out of the aid package such as people who were already getting Unemployment Insurance and who ran out of benefits - without being able to get a job in our shut down economy - NOR can they get access to the new CERB aid pack!)

(IN other oversights - the main LIE-beral aid package IGNORED smaller biz and new start ups with limited income - and one wonders if that was an accident as LIE-beral hostility to small biz is well known!)

COVID-19 crisis: Liberals cast wide net with wage-subsidy program aimed at keeping Canadians working

(LIE-berals demonstrate they prefer to offer aid to union shops and big biz - as we saw when LIE-berals significantly tightened the tax rules for small biz and then gave $12 million dollars of tax cash to Loblaws to buy new freezers! LIE-berals despise small and non union biz!)

(As it stands now - unless LIE-berals yield and agree to permit a small group of MP`s meet and question them 3 times per week - then the old schedule will come into effect and the FULL Parliament - with 338 Mp`s plus all the support staff and security will be required to gather in a clear violation of social distancing! All because LIE-berals are DETERMINED to minimize opposition party scrutiny of LIE-beral activities!)

(Sadly the idiot cousins - Greenies and NDPees have supported the LIE-beral position and Parliament will physically sit once each week for a longer period that LIE-berals originally planned - and then hold two virtual meetings per week! So
Conservatives DID get improved access for Question Period but did not get all they sought!)

(HOW SAD that the Cdn govt fought through TWO WORLD WARS with LESS squabbling over access to govt information! LIE-berals are proving yet again that they are NOT to be trusted!)


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Jan 26, 2017
I'm not here to score a win...
Just give my opinion...and anyone that doesn't like it? know what they can do!

You aint here to "score a win"?

GOOD THING you dont care about the "win" cause you aint getting any!

By the is your headache?