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  • I hope your holidays are wonderful Sal! We're busy here making candy, wrapping gifts, getting ready. I'm starting to get so excited!! :smile:
    :smile: Thanks for the message Sal. lol. So neat to find my wall has flooded and bottles are bobbing about. lol.
    Heeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Nice wall! Been doing some re-decorating I hear!
    :smile:Thank you Sal'
    For dropping by
    Some cheer you left
    I think I spy
    I just may have a glass er two
    And while I do
    I'll think of you.:flower:

    (I ain't no poet, an I noet)

    Hiya Sal!
    Thanx for the brain...I think;-)
    I just thought that I would add a touch of HAZ to your wall too!
    Looking around ehh? Did you like what you saw? I was thinking I need to get a decorator, or some female touch:lol:
    lolll.... eggggggselent! It would be no fun taunting you on your wall if you didn't even know you were being taunted! (taunt taunt)
    Well, you know what...I'm...writing on your wall as well...so there! :p

    There I did it. Have a nice night, Sal. :lol:
    No problem Sal :D If you have any other questions or what not, just send me a private message!
    I hope you like the new layout. If you come across bugs, please PM me personally and I'll check it out. Just include exactly what you did, where you did it and what the result was so that I can reproduce it.

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