Two years into the Trudeau 2.0 Minority Term, which day will Justin call the election that only he wants?


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Aug 13, 2022
You'd think the Liberals, seeing as how their only goal in the world is to DESTROY CANADA!, would all wear waxed moustaches. . .
SOme of the women do. The men? have man buns and carry murses. We don't have the same clear division of power that you do. We also do not have an equal or elected senate with any power.


The Central Scrutinizer
Nov 21, 2008
Low Earth Orbit
They'll be in the back room plotting their revenge.

Bet they’re trying to create policy to undo much of the damage of the last eight years….not saying everything Trudeau has touched since 2015 is bad, but much of it is…& hopefully that’ll be their (the Conservatives) focus.
Yeah, that's what I said.
How is that revenge? Is Lil Caesar's fighting back against Pizza Pizza for taking their slogan and turning it into a brand name?


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May 28, 2007
Toronto, ON
Doesn't say much about your taste in friends. I have struggled with this as well.
Are they really your friend when they promote a party that is out to destroy your financial well-being? And that of entire regions of your province?
I don't seek out friendships based on politics. I usually find out their politics after they are on my Facebook feed. I actually have a full representation of all parties among my friends. But the ones I refer to are grasping at staws and more anti-conservative than pro-Liberal.