Open letter to ANTIFA.


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Sep 23, 2015

BOMBSHELL: Organization funding BLM, Antifa terrorism linked to Biden campaign​

George Soros often gets the blame for funding much of the agitation in our country that leads to chaos, looting and rioting for “social justice.” But two other individuals who also deserve blame are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both of whom are linked to an organization known as the Ford Foundation that is actively funding Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa terrorism across America.

George Soros’s Foundation Pours $220 Million Into Racial Equality Push​

Mr. Soros’s group will invest $150 million in grants for Black-led racial justice groups, and another $70 million toward local grants for criminal justice reform and civic engagement opportunities.

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St. Louis prosecutor investigating gun-toting couple was backed by George SOROS​

“In a stunning development, our office has learned that every single one of the St. Louis looters and rioters arrested were released back onto the streets by local prosecutor Kim Gardner,” Schmitt tweeted June 3.

McCloskey Gun Inoperable When Police Seized It, But Prosecution Ordered Crime Lab to Make It Operable and 'Lethal'​

The charges filed by the St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner against Mark and Patricia McCloskey already seemed like a political witch-hunt because the couple dared to defend themselves and their property by displaying guns to BLM ‘protesters’ who trespassed on private property back in June....
At the request of Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Hinckley, crime lab staff members field stripped the handgun and found it had been assembled incorrectly. Specifically, the firing pin spring was put in front of the firing pin, which was backward, and made the gun incapable of firing, according to the documents.

Firearms experts then put the gun back together, per Hinckley’s request, in the correct order and test-fired it, finding that it worked, according to the documents.


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Sep 16, 2006
Yup - it's "ok" for those BLM or Anitfa protesters to do their thing but damn it all, those bloody right wingers have no business counter-protesting because - well just because they don't have that right! Only the Leftist Liberals can protest/riot to destroy parts of cities/communities as it's THEIR right to do so. Again, the hypocrisy is incredible!