Lunacy of the Left


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Jan 28, 2007
Nah! Just posted it to counter Wally's continuous nonsense. I do, however, think that anybody who takes politics seriously has a few screws loose.
Your every post, Precipissy, confirms the title of this thread.


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Nov 19, 2008
Nakusp, BC
If you are young and not liberal, then you have no heart; but if you are old and not conservative, then you have no brain.

So what's your excuse Cliffy? :lol:
"I was never a radical in my youth for fear I would become a conservative in my old age." - Bucky Fuller.

I was a radical when I read that back in the seventies and have had to be diligent in keeping any conservative tendencies at bay ever since. Consequently, I'm still a radical. Conservatism is for those who are afraid of change, for the greedy and sheeple who do not want to upset the status quo - the antithesis of radical.