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Apr 9, 2008
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Joe Biden's long-awaited Canada visit to happen March 23-24
Why now? Really?
WASHINGTON — U.S. President Joe Biden will travel to Ottawa on March 23 to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Canadian soil, his first visit north of the border since taking the oath of office in 2021.
Much like Obama endorsing Trudeau during an election (twice, once in 2019 & again in 2021), Biden is to visit Canada soon for his First visit now/soon…? Why now?
The president and his wife Jill Biden will spend two days in Canada, the White House confirmed Thursday, although a detailed itinerary has not yet been released.
Because it’s not important…the photo-op & endorsement is….
The two leaders will discuss ongoing upgrades to the aging, jointly led Norad continental defence system, which came under heavy scrutiny last month when a Chinese surveillance balloon drifted through U.S. and Canadian airspace.
Smoke & Mirrors.
….A visit to Canada is customarily one of a new U.S. president’s first foreign trips, a tradition upended two years ago by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like the rest of the world at the time, the two leaders settled for a virtual meeting instead.
Blah, blah-blah….both PM & President have been all over the globe…so why now?
Delayed though it may be, it will be an important bilateral meeting for both countries, said Scotty Greenwood, CEO of the Canadian American Business Council.

“It’s an occasion which focuses a bureaucracy on the breadth and depth of bilateral and multilateral issues and that’s a really good thing, because it causes everybody here to focus on Canada,” Greenwood said.
It’s a photo-op to show that Trudeau is still an asset to the current American Administration just like it is to the Chinese one. Trudeau is in trouble, and that explains the timing.
“It also allows the president himself to think about and reflect on Canada in the context of all the other global relationships the U.S. has, and that can be a very good thing.”
Like the Five…I mean Three Eyes, etc…
As always, the two leaders have a lot to talk about — Except for this President’s term —…The White House said “irregular migration and forced displacement throughout the region” would be on the agenda, but offered no other details. The PMO mentioned only “immigration.” Neither mentioned the treaty.
That’s because this is background justification like Haiti or Electric Cars, etc…
He (Obama or Biden? Either/or) cheered Canada’s role in defending and strengthening what he called a “liberal international order” amid the rise of authoritarianism around the world, perhaps sensing what the next four years (implying Trump) had in store.
Trudeau was irrelevant as long as he played his roll, but he’s in real trouble beyond his “normal” continuous scandals and a prop-up now might make him seem more relevant to an actual democracy.
“We’re going to get through this period because we’re Americans and Canadians, and so had I a glass I’d toast you by saying, ‘Vive le Canada,’ because we need you very, very badly.”
Like China, currently America wants a certain pliable Canada lead by a certain pliable non-transparent impotent circus of a political party…thus the timing…from the guy who cancelled Keystone XL on his first day in office, etc…
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