Covid-19 Has Exposed Alberta as a Corrupt Society


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Feb 11, 2020
Thought you would support Kenney for taking the same actions as Ont. and Que. on the COVID fight for Fed. bailout scamdemic money
It's amazing as to how all these welfare recipient politicians like Castro Trudeau, Kenney and the rest of those provincial so called leaders keep getting away with all of their lies and bull shit. Can it be because they the sheeple could careless about what those welfare bums keep doing do to them and their tax dollars?

I think that there are just way too many Canadian Covid virus cult members in Canada now to be able to do anything as to what all of those welfare recipient politician bums have done to us all. I believe that Castro Trudeau is well on his way to be able to turn Canada into a communist country. Prove me wrong? :rolleyes:


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Jun 28, 2010
Pops? More like big brother but I can accept Pops.

Corn Pops. Corn Pops is baaaad dude.

C'mon man.



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Sep 6, 2015
Olympus Mons
It's not bigotry to simply point out flaws in human behaviour.
You paint the entire population with a single brush. Time after time after time. Meanwhile our airports are still open and accepting passenger flights. But yeah, that's not causing any problems with Covid. Funny you weren't pointing out the flaws in human behaviour when the Federal Liberals completely dropped the ball on Covid and have since been kicking the ball every time they try to pick it up. Funny how you had no problem with the flaws in human behaviour when Groper paid a former Liberal Party memeber to supply ventilators at $10,000 a unit ABOVE COST! Or how about the Ministry of Health being so myopic at the beginning when Covid rates were spiraling up globally and they kept insisting that Canada was doing fine because our numbers were still low. Ya know. because viruses listen to health officials and never cross borders or nothing.
Funny how you you aren't pointing out the flaws in human behaviour when Groper grabbed up the J&J vaccine that both the US and EU rejected over quality concerns in attempt to cover up his pathetic bungling of Covid.
Funny how you weren't pointing out the flaws in human behaviour when a bunch of leftards occupied Nathan Phillips Square in the middle of a pandemic when stay at home orders were issued, to protest something that happened in a foreign country.

You're a f*ckng bigot Flossy. At least be man enough to own your bigotry.
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