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  • Hey Coddy,
    Long time no see, hope all is well and have a great birthday!:eek:ccasion7::wav::eek:ccasion4:
    My goodness! I just noticed you had your 1st anniversary on the 29th of May, and nobody noticed!!
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, little Coddy!;-):smile:
    Dear Coddfish,
    I know your name from this forum. I hope I won't make you feel uncomfortable.
    I'm a Chinese undergraduate student who is proceeding my research paper on 'red'.
    I'm looking for some people from abroad to help me to answer the questionnaire.
    Could you do me a favor?
    It won't take you too much time, 16 questions only in two pages of A4 size paper.
    I know it may surprise you, but at this moment, I just need help.
    Because I don't have any friends abroad, nor foreign teachers in our university.
    So, I'm worrying about my paper.
    I hope you can help me out....:neutral::icon_smile:
    I'm asking all of you for help...I hope I can get your nice help...
    Hi there, new friend!

    I live north of Toronto, too. And I'm also a Libra.

    Yes, that's right, dear Coddy.... haven't noticed you for a long while, sad to admit! :oops::oops::oops: :fish::fish::fish:
    Here's Cheers!....on a long and happy life!:lol::lol:
    Hi, coddfish!

    I'm out for a walk north of Toronto.... hope you are sound asleep and having sweet dreams!;-)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all too!
    I had to postpone my trip to Italy unfortunately :sad:
    But actually am quite enjoying the solitude holiday in the suburb of Lyon after a very tough period of exams.
    How are things here and with you?
    Thank you for your chrsitmas message, tho its not an exciting time of year for me. I do wish you a happy new year tho. There you can start over with new hopes and desires for the up coming year. New possibilities, hope they come thro for you.:p
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