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  • No worries, Coddy! Better late than never at all is a great motto.:) Thank you for the birthday wishes.:)
    hi. cod its me under a forcibly less provocative name and avatar. i would have prefered to use the same screen name and avatar to make things less confusing. oh well. :( i sent you a friend request.:)
    Hi, Coddy!! I`m fine. And NO, I`m not back from the dead, but almost.
    I am just busy elsewhere.
    Hopefully you are doing good and enjoy the seasons.
    Best regards;
    I remember her mentioning it(she joined her a while back for a little bit) but I forgot what the site was. It's been a pretty busy week for me(hence me not being here a lot;) ), but I should be able to check it out shortly.

    I got an email from her a couple of days ago, but I haven't gotten a reply back yet. It looks like she moved.
    thanks Coddy, been doin good, workin too damn hard with no time for How have you been?
    Thanks for your note which I just read - it's nice to see people from the past still adding their wisdom to these drop in meeting places! Curio
    Well hi there. I'm doing okay, thanks for asking. Nice of you to stop by. Always a pleasure to see the little fishie. ;-)
    One more thing. You should check and see if any of them want to check out CC. I am sure some of them would like it here as a second home.:)
    Well, I don't miss the Vine too much, but I do miss the people from there. I just didn't like the format of the site itself. Once it got "revamped" it kind of sucked, to be honest. I do miss Spacecast though. Many friends there that I'll never get the chance to chat with again. Plus, it was a fun site to be on.

    I like being a Mod, but it is a bit of a pain right now since we have these idiotic spam accounts proliferating like horny rabbits!

    *knocks on wood* It hasn't snowed yet here, and I hope that it doesn't until Christmas Eve day. It can remain on Christmas Day, and then melt Boxing Day.

    LOL! I can't explain why you'd think I'd be mad at you either! Out of all the people I have interacted with on various forums, you would be the one least likely to incur my wrath.:)
    Hello Paul(never knew your name before! LOL!).

    Congrats on the cool job(or at least it sounds cool;)).

    I've been doing well also. It is hard to believe that it is almost December! It seems like just yesterday it was Summer! Time sure flies, eh?

    Talk to you later.:)
    Hey that's sounds great! Well done lad! I went out for drinks with Lady Madonna and Ron Toronto if you remember them from the Vine just last Friday. Both are doing well and we all had a great time. Muz was supposed to join us but ended up playing a gig up north and couldn't make it down to Toronto after unfortunately. I've fractured a vertebrae in my back and so taking things real easy. Since I can't go out to yell at people as much, I am revisiting some of the old haunts to vent my frustration. heh heh On the mend though.
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