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  • Hi Curiosity , Greetings from Ottawa Canada .Miss China big times.
    Probably go back to ....this year .
    China in Canada .

    I am learning - but it has been a long road I have travelled. At least forums give me the option or re-read, delete, change, or throw all caution to the readers' reactions. There are some valuable lessons to be learned about ourselves in these forums. Thank you - I really do appreciate your feedback.
    Karrie - how could they not - unless they didn't take the time to read it - some forum readers tend to use highlights to "get the message" and miss some
    interesting points - but your whole essay was loaded with building blocks to the moment of clarity - beautifully done! Curio
    Yoo hoo Zan!!!
    I'ts been a long time for me but I was hooked on the Olympics so came back to read all the local stuff going on - hope you are keeping well and happy and "sorta in trouble but enjoying it haha"...... Thanks for the note! Curio
    Hi Curio - I'm around - just seem to spend alot more time lurking that posting these days... hope all is well in your little corner of the world :)
    Thanks for the rep Walter - I am still learning the gadgets on this forum now and had to figure out where I could answer you....I wrote a PM yesterday but it bounced....curio
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