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  • Bcool, I just wanted to let you know I merged your thread with one that Sparrow created earlier. It is still in the Canadian Politics sub-forum.
    Have sent you a reply but unsure if you have recieved it. Please pm me and give your private email address so I can send novel. Take care.
    Hey Bcool. I haven't heard if North Van has had any frost yet but you're right, the upper areas do start to get it in early October. My avatar is a picture of our beloved Burmese cat who unfortunately is no longer with us.

    I see you're on the Island - which part? I grew up in Victoria.
    He'd be getting up in years by now, so if he's still around he's probably made drastic changes to his lifestyle- I don't expect another encounter somehow. LOL
    That was one of the most uncanniest things I've had happen in my life. I think it was the same guy, from what I could remember about the same stature, same demeanor, but I guess I'll never know for sure.
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