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    Tim Wise: An Open Letter to the White Right

    Tim Wise: An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum Posted on November 3, 2010 *NOTE: PLEASE RE-READ THE TITLE OF THIS ESSAY BEFORE GOING FURTHER. NOTICE, IT IS...
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    Pakistan Seals Off NATO supply line to Afghanistan

    "Pakistan on Thursday blocked a key NATO supply line into Afghanistan after accusing US-led forces of mistakenly killing three Pakistani paramilitary border troops in a helicopter raid hours earlier. The events are testing the already fragile US-Pakistan alliance against Al Qaeda terrorists and...
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    Our cooling world

    The Frozen Thames, 1677 The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period. While not a true ice age, the term was introduced into scientific literature by François E. Matthes in 1939. It is conventionally defined as a period extending from the 16th to...
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    A FAQ is needed.

    A FAQ is needed for CC. Many questions one sort of stumbles their way to, lots of them here for instance. Difficult for newbies to find answers in the threads here though. A specific definition re: 'when is a moderator not a moderator?' is very much needed. How does a member know, when...
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    "He's Not With God, He's F***ing Dead!"

    Bill Maher interviews Richard Tillman brother of Pat Tillman, an American football star who joined up & was killed by suspicious "friendly fire". ht
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    Flu is not the biggest danger ...... It's the vaccine

    Actually, true autistic or ASD children very rarely if at all would be at any schools until the mid 1970's to 1980's. Before that they were either institutionalized or home cared. Very often communities would not be aware of them as, if they were home cared, they rarely if ever would be taken...
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    Flu is not the biggest danger ...... It's the vaccine

    Just wait till the pope hears about this! Whoa Nelly!! Going to be edicts banning swine flu vaccinations positively hurtling in the millions from Vatican City! OTOH gonna be a whole lot more teenagers getting vaccinated.
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    Flu is not the biggest danger ...... It's the vaccine

    :::huge sigh::: I know it must be sooo easy to become a Flat Earther living where you do, but.... Vaccines are pulled 'off shelves' because: 1. They expire; go past their "best by..." date; the flu season for that particular vaccine has been and gone; which leads us to: 2. Every...
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    Richard Dawkins at the "Protest The Pope".
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    Harper: Taking care of veterans is “one of the highest priorities of his government.

    Harper & MacKay politically wounded & surrendering! "Harper told his audience during a recent appearance in Prince Edward Island that taking care of veterans is “one of the highest priorities of his government.” Well now, surprise, surprise... Could have fooled me! "OTTAWA — The federal...
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    Keep your iMice on your side of the border!

    Or else we'll have to bring out our iGrizzlies!! (Shows who's smarter, huh? Mice! Really! We think big and mean! :lol:) In my 'WTF are they doing now?' musings on getting caught up on these very oddly entertaining Republican going's on (always wise to know wot the neighbours are up to...
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    Telus, Bell must repay customers, CRTC rules

    Telus, Bell must repay customers, CRTC rules "Urban customers of Bell and Telus will receive a rebate of up to $90 after Canada's telecommunications regulator on Tuesday ordered the country's major telecom companies to repay overcharges to their urban phone customers. The companies were...
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    Yorkshire Pudding

    ::chuckle:: I read it. L'horreur! :-D I mean, wouldn't that be like the Marmite Company in the UK producing a packaged croissant mix? Blimey!! :-o
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    Badly wounded veterans shortchanged, report reveals

    Badly wounded veterans shortchanged, report reveals - CTV News "OTTAWA — Ordinary soldiers wounded in the line of duty, veterans with families and the most severely disabled of troops are the biggest losers under Ottawa's new system of compensating those who've laid down their lives for the...
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    Yorkshire Pudding

    Lots of good ideas and recipes, I'm drooling! Yorkshire pud's, roast beef & gravy! Oh bliss!! Being of Brit origin & in my teens when upped & moved to Canada, I grew up with the Brit cooking mystique. Yorkshires, like so many traditional dishes such as Brit sponge cakes, were highly...