Trudeau Liberals surge ahead over Conservatives


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Feb 11, 2020
Nope, PC is the old party that got destroyed after Malooney was voted out for GST and NAFTA, never came back until the Reform party united with it to create CPC party. The Reform party couldn't gain traction East of the Manitoba border even though they were official opposition for years until they merged with the central Canada wing of the PC party., Also gave into the demands to have Preston Manning step down making room for Harper born in Ontario raised in Calgary to be the new leader of the merged party.

Now the central PC party thinks they can rise back up into their old position of Liberal lite centrist position and rule the country from a moderate Liberal position while maintaining the West's support. That's why I've been saying he has only one chance to prove himself to the West and he his failing.

The liberal conservative party of Canada had a chance to bring in real and true conservative ideas and platforms when they ahad the chance to have as their leaders Derek Sloan or Maxine Bernier of the now real and true conservative People's Party of Canada. but they chose not too.

Why? Because the conservative party has been high jacked by a bunch of wannabe liberals. Liberals who could not make or get into the liberal party and so they joined the conservative party to try and make it just another liberal party. That is how I see it right now. O'Tool is as conservative as I am liberal. I just thank gawd that I am not a liberal. Liberalism has become a terrible awful disease and sickness that needs to be eradicated from Canada if Canada is to ever survive and become great again.

But I would not go by what the lying and fake Canadian media telling us has to which party has the most support. There can be no way Castro Trudeau can be that popular anymore. If Castro Trudeau really is that popular then that backs up my belief that the majority of Canadians are truly a bunch of stupid fools and have truly gone mad like crazy in the head. Canada and Canadians cannot take this present day crime of mistake of Canada serious enough to want to make this guy the communist leader of this country again. The next election will tell all as to where most Canadians stand and want Canada to go. It will either be for liberty and freedom or communist tyranny. Their call. :cool:

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May 20, 2007
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Frankly, I’m not at all surprised that O’Toole has fallen behind. He’s lost a good portion of his electorate. As a lifelong social conservative, this is one time when I won’t be voting conservative. O’Toole’s pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage views clearly demonstrate that he’s a Liberal. No way will I ever vote for a Liberal. My vote will be going to Maxime Bernier.
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Jun 28, 2010
I'm not 41 or Italian (lol) but you clearly hate them for some reason.

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