'The worst president we have ever seen. Period'


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Oct 9, 2004
Mythology how? Yes Congress is who confirms the next President, but unless they wish to commit Sedition and undermine the EC (not that I agree with having an EC, mind you) and go against the will of the confirmed votes of the people, Biden will be President on January 20.

The only mythology is from those clinging to the idea that Trump will stay President.

But since you can't actually answer the question, I'll just make a guess: you'll throw a tantrum like Trump is right now.

I like this comment on a YouTube video:

Samuel Holmes

How can they call Joe Biden President Elect when that hasn't been decided? Irresponsible reporting. He didn't Mention that 7 States WI, MI, PA, GA, NM, AZ, and NV HAVE DUELING ELECTORS and the republican Electors that voted for Trump were submitted by the Republican legislators in those States, And the Democrat Electors were submitted by the GOV & Sec of State. He didn't tell you that the Constitution specifically puts the Legislators in charge of the elections and not the Gov & Sec of State. Mike Pence is in charge an he can throw out the unconstitutional electors. If they just simply decertify the electoral votes in those States then neither candidate will get 270 but the Constitution only requires the majority of votes and it does not have to be 270, Trump will have the Majority. If they dead lock they don't want to certify the election then it will go into a contingent election and the House will vote for the President, each State gets 1 vote an the Democrats only have 20 States while the Republicans have 30 States the odds favor Trump, and the Senate will vote by majority for the VP and the Republicans have the Majority. I just thought you might want to know the whole truth that any responsible un-biased journalist would report. Trump has 3 ways to win and Biden has 0 in current situation that this election is in, Plus there are still many law suits yet to come.


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Jun 28, 2010
Keep hanging on, you're providing excellent material for the next decade lol


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Oct 26, 2009
China owns biden....nobody owned Trump


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Nov 29, 2008
What? That makes no sense...

I asked what you will do if things don't pan out like you want?

For me, if Trump stays in despite everything, then likely it's going to be me seeing the US destroyed. If Biden gets in, I honestly don't see things going well for the US even then.

But you're the one in Pro Trump land; so what happens if your Boi doesn't stay in?
The U.S. being destroyed ? As if you Democrats including Biden aided and abetted by the alphabet agencies and press not done a good enough job of destroying all decency in the political arena . First phoney Russian collusion nonsense followed by more nonsense with a baseless impeachment and terminating with a rigged election . You are worried about Trump , President Harris will have you marching around in Jack boots .

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Sep 16, 2006
At least we will be able to make fun of him even more than GWB now.

'The worst president we have ever seen. Period'​

CNN's Chris Cuomo says President Donald Trump is the worst president the US has ever seen as Trump issues another round of pardons and continues to delay on the stimulus deal. Source: CNN

Actually, Trump is likely the best President ever. However, Cuomo is an arrogant, a/h who pretends he actually know what he's doing along with his stupid brother in NY who claims to have done "everything right" when in fact, he's caused 1000's of deaths, specifically in nursing homes. He knows not what he speaks as he's too stupid to admit when he (they) gets it wrong & CNN has gotten wrong most of what they have blathered about Trump. He is a disgusting individual working for a disgusting network!!