The Time Has Come to Remove Justine Trudeau

Liberal Feminist

Time Out
May 14, 2021
Awwww s'matter punkin, don't like facts and truth so you call it blathering? That's all you got? Sounds to me like you just tapped out. Or maybe I didn't use enough monosyllabic words for you so you could understand it.

We'll do this again. Trudeau's gun grab-Passed without Parliamentary or Sentate approval. It was also racist as it permits FN to still use their semi-auto rifles to hunt but no one else can,

As for being a Canada-hating Quebec nationalist, it's amazing what you wont' learn reading Marxist-feminsit bullshit theory. Justine Trudeau- "Canada belongs to Quebec". Also Justine Trudeau- "Canada works better when Quebecers are in charge". Two pretty easily verified quotes. You have at your fingertips a device which provides you with access to the sum total of all human knowledge. Try using it for more than reading Marxist crap and watching tranny porn.

You say it's a lie that he's sexist. Why don't you ask Rachel Harder about that?

And by the way, apologizing for rounding up KNOWN fascist operatives during WW2 is NOT doing his job in historical matters. Nope, just another pathetic excuse to dump on Canada. But yeah, he doesn't hate Canada and you're a stupid f*cking retard who wants to keep him in Office. I'd call you a c*nt but you lack both the warmth and depth.
No I called it correctly blathering with Pre-k names and worse.

We're not talking until you finish your bottle and had a nap and are done having a tantrum.

Well 2nd tantrum.