The end of our way of life.


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Dec 9, 2005
I decided to make this thread to address and make others aware of our imminent end of our way of life. Many here wish to mock my personal research and predictions for global catastrophe, although I assure you I'm right. I spent 7 years piecing the information together that allowed me to make a quite accurate prediction. People who don't take this seriousely will suffer severe consequences in the very near future. Not only have I come to this conclusion, but so have a large group consisting of the smartest and biggest players on the world scene. This is no hoax, this isn't some paranoid delusion created to get a response, this is really happening and we should acknowledge it. I have recently found a great web page that is a very reputable source that has already written the same information that I would write. Here's the link:
The first statement may throw you, but I highly suggest that you read the entire article and click on all the links to the reputable sources that allowed the article to be written. Some of these sources are high ranking officials such as Dick Cheney along with many very well known economists and Billionaires. You will not here of this story in any conventional form of Media as it would have serious consequences like mass rioting. The governments around the world are aware of the problem and none of them have a solution, or atleast one they wish to tell you about. Once this thread is read by a few other people, I will fill in the blanks about the conclusions I've come to about the steps necessary to work past this major event in history. This isn't a joke, and this should be taken very seriousely. The events that are about to unfold in the next 3 years and following are going to be extremely well organized and planned. Many are probably already aware of the Detention camps that have been built throughout the US. If you don't read the article, it's likely that you will get sucked into the propaganda and it will litterally by your ass. I will later make a post that will basically explain the outcome of this disaster and what is being maticulousely planned for us by people who are just like me. Please Read.


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Dec 18, 2005
You are looking at the past with rose coloured classes if you think the violance in our world is new or a sign of pending destruction.

Name me a time in men's history were we lived in times of on going peace and prosparity. Not one age you could look at without having so called signs of destruction. In fact I think so far we are not doing all that bad.


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Oct 1, 2004
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Hmm... doesn't work for me either, tho' it did in preview. Something else seems to be wrong here now too, quoting doesn't seem to be working properly either. Here it is again, a straight C&P from the site, highlighted as a URL before posting.

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Edited to add: Ha, I see it. The original link dropped the final letter l off the quote.

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Jun 11, 2004
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Yes, we have a ticket in on that quoting issue. God knows where that Maytag repairman is (we find it easier to just use the Maytag repair man for these fixes).


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Dec 18, 2005
Re: RE: The end of our way of life.

Haggis McBagpipe said:
Yes, we have a ticket in on that quoting issue. God knows where that Maytag repairman is (we find it easier to just use the Maytag repair man for these fixes).

That's your problem, there's only one and he's lazy because he never get's to actually repair anything. Don't you remember the old commercials?

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Apr 12, 2005
The Evil Empire

Forgive me for being skeptical and perhaps a little on the cynical end, but someone who has claimed the gun registry actually did indeed cost a few million as opposed to $2 billion and those funds were covertly diverted to an underground nuclear armament in the North, can seem a little less than credible in my eyes.

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Nov 28, 2005
while the oil will run out, that is not what will be "the" undoing of the "age of gluttony".

remember this:
Our earth is degenerate in these latter days. There are signs that the world is speedily coming to an end. Bribery and corruption are common, Children no longer obey their parents. Every man wants to write a book, and the end of the world evidently is approaching.
Assyrian tablet circa 2800 BCE


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Jul 30, 2005
Lord No Toro

Now Zoofer will show up and sit around waiting for it...... :p...except I think he will be looking for another kind...


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Dec 9, 2005
RE: The end of our way of

I think not.
The Gun registry program only employs 282 employees. The registry also collects money from the program from firearm owners when they register their guns. I can't remember the exact cost. The program racked up the 2 billion dollar price tag in 4 years, so 250 million per year. Each employee makes probably around 50 grand a year in salary, and this is a high estimate. 282 x 50000= 14.1 million. Since that's a high estimate, even including all resources necessary it shouldn't be anymore than this amount. Then you must subtract the collected money from each arm. 250M-14M= 236M. So 236 million dollars just simply dissappeared. This money was diverted somewhere, and the only thing they wouldn't tell us about would be if it were spent on military, since our country would be appalled at this kind of spending when we only asked for a fraction of that to make our Healthcare state of the art. We've actually always had a joing Nuclear program with the US as we supplied your program the Uranium, and it is no secret we had many of your nuclear weapons here during the cold war. What did we spend this money on, either weapons technology, or to expand our fleet of supersonic interceptors. See, its easy to spot someone building up a navy, but a Air force can be hidden in underground bunkers. We have multiple underground bunkers built across the norther ends of the prairies. The bunkers were built underneath large lakes so they are inpenatrable by any type of missle, as water dissipates impacts readily, and disintigrates most materials at the speed necessary for bunker busters to do their job. If you deny the existence of these bases, go camping and see if you don't get approached by the miltary in these zones. Not only do I suspect this, I've personally witnessed the mysterious planes running training excercises. I also have friends in the military that also confirmed that this is what they are doing. I'm fairly well connected in this country and get wind of just about everything that happens, it's like a bad Canadian joke.

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our way of life: beginning to end?

Hello Friends!

I'm a freelance editorialist and I contribute regularily to 24 Hours Vancouver. I'd like to share a couple of my recent articles with you. One is on what may be happening to our freedom if we're not careful. The next is on a crisis which may be far greater than Oil... water.

our way of life: from beginning to end?
by: lindsay wincherauk

Some rich man came and raped the land,
nobody caught ‘em.
Put up a bunch of ugly boxes,
and Jesus, people bought ‘em.

- the eagles/last resort

People from all over the World came to a new land, searching for freedom, liberty, the search for happiness, and a better way of life.

They staked claims to the land and forced their ways upon it’s indigenous inhabitants. They faced resistance. However, they were too strong and came in numbers too large for the natives to overcome. The aboriginals were defeated and their way of life was stripped from them. And so to was the respect for the land.

Society began to evolve. Everyone worked in harmony building towns, cities, highways, means of communication and items of opulence. Opportunity abounded! America became a land of freedom. A land where all man was equal. A land of endless opportunity. And, out of the propaganda, the American Dream was built. Be all you can be. Whatever you want can be yours. The Dream was real. Everyone started reaching for the sky.

At first everything was wonderful. Families grew. Love was strong. And people individually began to gravitate toward their strengths. Intellectuals found science, medicine, law, etc. Others leaned toward agriculture. Some weren’t so inclined and found themselves looking after homes, cleaning, maintaining, and nurturing. And some got dirty and built societies infrastructure. Some found themselves in manufacturing: clothing, furniture, the necessities of living… all the way to items of luxury. Each had someone above them orchestrating movement. Like the land before, the first to lay claim soared to the stratospheres… in the hierarchy of society the first to define status gained tremendous wealth and status.

The Dream was alive and everyone believed with hard work they could still reach for the sky. Shoot for your Dreams. Anything is possible. It was. Society rewarded accomplishment. A doctor, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and heads of companies were paid like Kings. A farm worker, a janitor, and a mother, not so much. Those without means were forced to live in different neighborhoods. The other side of the tracks. The bottom of the hill. Yet, they still believed the stars were within reach. Stay in school. Work hard son and you can have whatever you want.


Corporations created it. If we show the populace what they need, give them a taste with marketing, show images of the rich & famous living amazing lives while enjoying our stuff… we can reap the rewards. Lets start with the children --- hang out by the school yards and show them their first taste.

It worked to perfection.

Everybody started to look for an angle. Something to sell. Something that would help them live the American Dream. Something to help them shoot for the stars. I bought it for this much (sale). I sold it for this. Became contradicting forces. Fair market value… a fallacy at best. In the infancy of the plan… many changed social classes, and with new found success, changed neighborhoods as well. The janitor was left behind. But we’re all created equal. Depression sets in. If I’m equal why can’t I climb?

Those who’ve climbed to the top began to forget the difficulty of the climb. They forgot that those they climbed over are human as well. They looked down on those who were never given the tools to reach great heights. Be that: intelligence, birthright or just plain luck. I worked hard. I deserve more. If they want what I have they can work like me. All without an ounce of compassion for how much effort it takes to remain impoverished. Poor takes more effort than rich can ever imagine. Society continues…

Everyone wants, wants, wants… wanting is marketed as happiness. It’s the fuel that ignites the lower reaches of society. They can look, but they can’t touch. Some still find a way up. Most just Dream. A line is established. Those who can have. Those who can’t. Each year more fall below the line.

Must keep those below the line hungry. Sell them hope. Unattainable?

If they’re hungry and still believe they can have… they’ll work harder. They do.

Families begin to fail. The pressure of the Dream is too much. You never give me anything. We never go anywhere. You’ll never amount to anything. Society fractures. The divorce rate soars. Two homes are created from where there once was only one. Two homes needs more stuff. Some can’t afford what they need.

Suave entrepreneurs search for a way to keep selling. We’ll lend you the money. You too can have stuff. For a price. It works. Everyone below the line buys in. The price is heavy. But the happiness it’ll bring will solve all of the problems of life. It does for awhile. Until the bills pile up.

Make your money work for you… that’ll help you out of your situation. Give it to me. If you give me enough, I’ll give you a little extra each month if you don’t touch it. The rich dump billions in and leave it alone. Their money grows. Everyone else deposit pennies, and they access it regularly. The banker thinks, I can make money off those who don’t leave their money alone. Each time they touch it I’ll charge them a fee. I can give part of that fee to the rich. The line is lowered again. The Dream is replaced with insomnia. More families splinter apart. And the rich keep getting fatter off the sweat of those still immersed in the Dream.

We need more consumers. Not a problem. Thousands are lined up at our doors. They want to pursue the American Dream. Good, they’ll work for less. They’re at the bottom rung. Those who are already on that rung fall off. They begin to drink. They venture down a path to more illicit substances trying to find escape. There is no escape. They find themselves alone and shunned. They blame their problems on those new to the land, instead of the flawed Dream. Their homes are broken and even more tragically, their children are no longer equal. The line is lowered some more.

As time goes ‘buy‘… and nearly everything’s been done, the Dream begins to turn into a nightmare for most, so, they gamble, buy lottery tickets and fall deeper into escape. More families fail as each generation becomes increasingly burdened by the weight of the pursuit. The immigrants did this to me. To us.

The rich party and their wealth is flaunted in front of us in the media. Athletes and celebrities make 100s of millions. Heads of corporations live lavish lifestyles. The media keeps smothering us with images of glamour and excess. Television proliferates what decorating a home, flipping a house, and dressing in the finest fashions can bring us. Happiness. We want it badly… happiness that is. Esteem is ripped from our souls. We all want to be millionaires. We all want to say DEAL.

We still need to keep those who haven’t fallen off the bottom rung happy, indebted. We’ll give them a pittance more, we’ll tell them if they work harder they too can climb. It’s not too late. They do, work harder that is, however, they’re too tired to think when they return home each night. To tired and distracted to see what’s coming our way. They want to escape. They can’t. One job turned into two, even three, just to survive, something has to give. Families implode.

In the meantime corporations secretly look for ways to manufacture products at lower costs so those at the top can still bathe in gold. They tell the Dreamers they have no choice, our hands are tied, it‘s the global economies fault… we can’t afford you anymore. More fall off the step. Blaming China and India as they fall --- not the men at the top.

Crime and despair run rampant in the depths of destruction. Mostly against each other at the bottom. The rich are behind gates. More families fail as the currency of love for the shallow tear them apart. Beauty for women. Money, fame, and power for men. Beauty has an expiry date. Money keeps attracting more money.

Paranoia sets in. Our way of life is in jeopardy. What’s the definition of WAY, again?


We must keep others out. Protect what we have. We need a common enemy. We find one. Somebody to rally against. Something to distract our citizens from pain. War is the answer? It will unite us. It doesn’t, it divides us more than ever with children dying for an undefined cause.

We must examine our immigration policies the politicians shout out. It’s the Mexicans, the Chinese, the Gays, the… who’ve created this mess. They’ve taken food right out of the mouths of Americans and they want to consume our resources. They’re the ones to blame.

Are they?

They work as janitors and in farmers fields. Americans realized long ago that was no longer the way to the top. Donald Trump reminds us of just that: Think BIG and Kick Ass in Business and Life. Some at the bottom try to keep the Dream alive and fill his pockets with cash. Most of the others at the bottom of the pool have given up and are just trying to survive escape. Their Dream has long died.

Oh my God!.. our infrastructure is about to collapse. Our highways. Our bridges. Our hospitals. Our… we can’t afford to pay Americans to fix it.

The middle of the pack, which is now near the bottom, still think that there’s hope. They’ll fight. They still want ‘High Definition’. They rally. The government recognizes the Dream is splintering apart. Many see through the sales pitch. The government hard sells the agenda: Our way of life is at stake, all you have to do to protect it is, trust me. *WINK*. I may take away your liberties. A bit of your freedom. I’m not a fascist. The enemy wants to destroy us. We must continue to fight.

If we don’t wake from the Dream, before we blink, our freedom may be gone. A short trip back into history and we’ll realize this scenario’s been played out before.

The WAY of life wasn’t supposed to be stuff. It was liberty and freedom. Family and friends. It was equality of mankind. Each part was supposed to be equally important. The enemy isn’t definable by the color of skin. The enemy is GREED.

The fatal flaw of the Dream: A janitor can never be a doctor, regardless of how hard he try’s. And, janitors are easily replaceable as a new willing addict is at our doors wanting a taste of the Dream. We reward money with money. How preposterous. Could we be applying the interest to the wrong end of the scale?

Can it be fixed?

I don’t know. Maybe this is just the way it’s supposed to play out. Maybe we don’t have any say in tomorrow. I refuse to buy that notion. Could it be time for us all to rally against greed? To value PEOPLE more than stuff?

Just imagine if a portion of the interest of those at the top was directed to those still struggling with the climb. Wouldn’t homelessness, and crime begin to vanish before our eyes, as dignity and hope is returned to all those who’ve been left behind?

For me: What a beautiful Dream!

Lindsay is a Vancouver based author. For information visit .


immigration: are we being duped?
by: lindsay wincherauk

Are we being duped by our politicians? Our fearless leaders?

Which of the following is the greatest threat to our way of life: terrorism, global warming, violent weather, illegal immigration, peak oil, crime, hockey’s goal shortage, or greed? Come to think of it: what is our WAY of life?

We’re facing rising oceans, wildfires, and Americas deep south is immersed in a severe water crisis --- coupled with rising temperatures. Without water and unrelenting heat, what’ll quench insatiable thirst? Is unlivable on the horizon?

Some experts claim drinking water in Atlanta Georgia, will expire by years end. This problem is not restricted to just Georgia, seven other states whose main source of water comes from the Colorado river could soon be facing a similar calamity --- the river is running precariously close to dry. For more information, Google it!

Why is this important to us in the at-times-drowning Pacific Northwest?

If this crisis is real, and the temperature and droughts don’t subside, maybe not this year, but sometime in our lifetime, millions upon millions of American immigrants will be created by changing climate. Without water areas will quickly become uninhabitable, with residents migrating in search of new places to live. Sounds alarming. It is?

How are we being duped?

Turn on the news and listen to the candidates battling in the US election campaign. The message seems to be skewed. No longer is terrorism the main fix. Global warming does occupy the stage, only somewhat. The number one issue: illegal immigrants and what they’re doing to our way of life. They’re taking our jobs is shouted loud and clear. They can come but we must be able to track them, make them legal. Tag then so we can control them. Sound familiar? What’s your SIN?

News flash: Most Americans/Canadians haven’t wanted, or won’t, do the jobs immigrants are willing do for low pay, for a long, long time now. And, I guarantee: the illegal ones aren’t working as doctors and lawyers.

Could the politicians and corporations be distracting us from what is really important by creating enemies who aren’t really there? Aren’t most people on this planet just trying get by and be happy? Do you really think people at the dinner table in (insert developing nation here) are discussing hatred for America? Do you think new immigrants are reporting to Dr. Evil at the end of each day?

Our plan is working to perfection. We’ve got them just where I we want them. I’m prepared to do whatever I need… sorry, gotta go, American Idol is on and I just financed a HD television. I’ll get back to the master plan tomorrow… or the next day. How about, I’ll call you when I’m ready?

If we buy into the propaganda, we’re supposed to shun all those who are different by putting up borders and keeping them out. We’re supposed remove tolerance and diversity from the equation. Our warmth is to be turned cold.

The holidays are upon us, and whether you say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or Bingo Bango Luongo, who cares, as long as you treat others with respect and are trying to find happiness yourself.

Diversity and tolerance is what makes Vancouver/Canada great. With the prospect of drought in the south, we’ll need it, the Americans may be on our doorstep soon. And, I’m certain they won’t care whether or not they’re legal or not. Unlike the immigrants before who came in search of a better life… the Americans will be coming because they want/need something we have.



Lindsay is a Vancouver based author. For information visit


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Oct 27, 2006
Lol, Toro's link was the best. My birthday in 2001 was apparently a record high for rapture watchers.

I'm not sure what way of life we're talking about, but I think it's a safe bet that I can both lament and applaud, depending on how one frames "our way of life".


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Feb 16, 2005
We're Cooooommmiiiiiinnnnnnng! We'll be on your doorstep soon with our noses high in the air and we are bringing our attitudes and guns!

LMAO...great thread!


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Jan 26, 2006
RR1 Distopia 666 Discordia
We're Cooooommmiiiiiinnnnnnng! We'll be on your doorstep soon with our noses high in the air and we are bringing our attitudes and guns!

LMAO...great thread!

You better have breakfast incredients when you get here Smack I'll supply the maple syrup. How long should an American be boiled before we add parsnips and what kind of beer is usually served.?:lol: