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  • Really glad to see you are back, Eagle...........I missed you. Hope all is well and Happy New Year!
    I never count anyone out, Eagle. As far as the fighting part goes you sure got that right. By the looks of one of our players faces, one of your women has a great hook - she left our gal with a broken nose and two very visible black eyes - and NO penalty was called.
    Hey, just thought I'd come by and suck up, 'cause you're American and all. *snerk*
    So what types of beer do you make- I use the 23 litre warts -5 US Gal- like the pilsners mostly- Variety is limited in Edmonton area.
    WE also get in once per year a Muntons shipped from England- the supplier only brings in 1 shipment a year for Canada- 2 large cans- tar like wart- heat the water and stir like a bugger but they turn out well.
    Found some references, look up on wikipedia The Black Donnelly's or go totrutv.com/library/crime/notorious_murders/family/donnelly/2.. They give some barebones to Whiteboys/Blackfeet/Orangeman.
    It looks like my mom's mom was really hitting below the belt using the epithet "Black".
    ES I'm honestly not sure if you'll ever find a reference. I think the animosity between the grandmothers was that they didn't like each & used explitives that wouldn't curl young ears. The one for denigrating Orangeman the other for denigrating priests. I really shouldn't have made light of "The Troubles" if I offended you I apologize..
    Hey bud, been busy and to poor to afford highspeed internet, lol. Hope you've been keeping the pin heads in order, lol.
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