Tell me all about buying silver...


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Mar 4, 2016
I'm not sure I want to buy scrap but probably start collecting coins instead.
I do enjoy the look of a 1 oz bar and they are fairly cheap to collect from different mints.
Personally I'd stick to 9999 RCM products. They're easy to sell when you need and you can usually get better than spot when it's time to sell. Anything Canadian before 2018 is notorious for milk spotting which may affect resale, especially if your selling private.

Hard to go wrong with RCM 10 oz bars or maples.

Oh, and your bank is likely one of the the worst places to buy gold or silver. Premiums are brutal if you buy from your bank. You'll end up paying way more than you should.


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Jul 9, 2020
You're still buying above the going rate..

Where is a place to buy spot in Canada :unsure:
the closest to spot buying will be somewhere like bordergold and 100oz or 1000oz bars
but they are heavy, and not as 'tradeable' in the general

when in edmonton, mrcs are great people to deal with