NASA Recently Admitted What is Causing Rapid Climate Change, and it's Not What You Think.


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Sep 6, 2015
Olympus Mons
So, I was watching a program the other day and NASA scientists have stated the cause of recent rapid climate change. They have confirmed it IS human activity however it's NOT from carbon emissions.
As we all know, over time the north pole moves ever so slowly. What some might not know is that it moves in a westerly direction. In 2007 NASA scientists were disturbed when they discovered the pole had stopped moving. They became even more worried when it reversed direction and started moving east, and moving faster than it was when it was moving west.
NASA's scientists were utterly baffled, they couldn't explain why it was happening. One scientist likened it to a counter-weight having been attached to the Earth causing a shift in the axial tilt. That's when the lights came on. Taking the info they did have and using some pretty nifty math, they were able to triangulate where this "weight" would be if there was one.

Turns out there is one. It's called China. No, this is NOT a joke. Their rapid economic expansion is the reason. Over the last 30 years China has poured more concrete than the US has in its entire history. The massive skyscrapers and mega-projects have added a substantial amount of weight to that country. And considering the massive volume of the Three Gorges Dam reservoir, that's a LOT of water weight as well that wouldn't normally just be sitting there. All that extra weight in one place is dragging on the Earth. This will cause a shift in the location of the equator. Even a small shift would be pretty noticeable by the wild weather events it would spawn, and as we've been seeing. Again, using that nifty math they have calculated that once the planet has gained it's new "balance", the North Pole will be in Europe and the equator will be almost the same latitude as Chicago. I don't remember where they said the South Pole would end up.

I want to make clear this topic isn't intended to bash China. It's not like it's some nefarious plot by the CCP to destroy the world. In fact it could be a boon for some South American country as NASA scientists have stated that the only way out of this predicament is to do a little geoengineering somewhere down there to off-set the weight from China.
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Sep 23, 2015
Human caused climate change eh?, well that sure explains the tropical fossils we dig up in northern ontario.