Liberals, NDP leadership have tentative deal to support Trudeau government to 2025


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Sep 6, 2008
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BREAKING: Singh Puts Forward A Motion Calling To Expand The Tax Hike On Oil Companies, Grocery Chains, Retail Stores and Insurance Companies

"On Monday, Mr. Singh put forward a motion calling on the government to deliver on the Liberal campaign promise to impose a surtax on banks and insurance companies – and to expand the tax hike to include oil companies, grocery chains and big-box stores."

"Mr. Singh has a news conference scheduled for Tuesday where he plans to talk about how to make life more affordable, given the recent rise in gas and food prices."

Bringing you news that no one else in the media will. This is what I unearthed from paid Globe And Mail article.

Nick Danger

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Jul 21, 2013
Penticton, BC
A little political horse-trading going on, hardly anything new about that. The same goes for butt-hurt Conservatives who can't find anyone else willing to get on board with their policies, nothing new about that. Maybe a CPC/PPC/Maverick coalition ?
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Dec 26, 2004
Is this article saying that Justin and Jagmeet are sleeping together? I guess Justin has realized that he needs to sleep with someone, he is not sleeping with his wife. I hope that Jagmeet cleared thi arrangement with his new wife and child!


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Jun 28, 2010
I'm just getting reports from Jagmeet's wife and child and they have officially authorized the deal!

Ron in Regina

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Apr 9, 2008
Regina, Saskatchewan
So, I guess that means no matter what Justin wants, he gets for 3 years?
Yeah....democracy........BullshitView attachment 12835
Actually, Canadians did vote for an NDP government….And the liberal government and a conservative government and the Green party government
So, I guess that means no matter what Justin wants, he gets for 3 years?
Yeah....democracy........BullshitView attachment 12835
actually Canadians did vote for an NDP Government…. And the liberal party government and the conservative party government and the Green party and block governments and so on and so forth….

Yes Canadians didn’t vote for a coalition if that’s what this is but it is what it is, and yes the NDP didn’t get the most votes but then again neither did the liberal party so, it is what it is.

if Jagmeet wants to sell just in the crown for the next three years then that’s just what we’re going to ride out.


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Sep 6, 2008
Rent Free in Your Head
I've decided to leave this pathetic joke of a country

I don't think I'm being dramatic, just real.

I was born and raised in Alberta.

After hearing the news of a coalition government that will keep the liberals in power until 2025, I have lost all hope and have decided to prepare to leave. There's no value in Canada anymore. What am getting for my tax dollars and by living here?

- inflation and the cost of living is through the roof with the government not caring or doing anything about it

- immigration is outrageous while we continue to get several (not all) bottom-of-the-barrel immigrants

- we forever pander to the indigenous with no end in sight

- government deficits are out of control and about to get worse

- carbon taxes don't do shit and only raise the cost of living

- Few people can afford a home as we have the hottest housing market on the planet

- wages are low and stagnant

- kumbayaism has grasped most Canadians

- we don't even have a culture let alone an identity anymore

- each ethnic group lives in its own separate community

- you either live in an urban sprawl or pay out the ass to live in downtown ghost towns while crime and filth roam the streets

- our parliamentary structure is a joke

- our democracy isn't even a good democracy

- our nation's capital is over a 3 day drive away for many Canadians. I feel like I can't even protest anyway.

- Canada is psychically too big with too much regional diversity

- Identity politics reins even as our country falls apart and even as there's thousands of other more important issues to tackle

- Fully taxpayer-funded CBC has gone off the rails and Canadians don't seem to care or realize the massive impact it has on our society.

- our government hurts one of their biggest industries; oil and gas, and fails to take advantage of it while importing oil from Saudi Arabia.

- we have too many social programs that don't do very little

- homelessness is out of control

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What do you think of this persons post? I feel sad for the person, sounds more like depression and needing help.

No matter who is in charge of this great country, Canada stands out as one of the greatest nations on this Earth..

Not sure where he is thinking of going that is any better??


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Mar 18, 2013
Washington DC
Well, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Outta town.

Where's bunky headed? To what haven of freedom, culture, and self-reliant folk where men are strong, women are kind, and children are attentive and obedient?