Graham James in Court Again


The Velvet Hammer
Mar 5, 2011
London, Ontario
It's not a choice. The initial abuse re-wires the noggin in nasty ways.

Not everyone who was abused grows up to abuse.

And not all molesters were molested as children. I will never feel sympathy for molesters. Ever.

There is no reason to feel sympathy for them. I don't care if that's cold or cruel, kids deserve better, these monsters deserve nothing!


Council Member
Mar 29, 2009
Calgary, AB
I'm not going to say I feel no sympathy for abusers who were abused as children: I do feel for what they went through, what they should not have had to go through in a better world, but they now represent a danger to other innocents. Its the same as I feel bad for dog that is bitten/contracts rabies or other diseases; while feeling bad for the animal and the family that has to lose a pet, I accept they need to be put down because of the danger they represent to other animals and people. That's the underlying thought for me: the danger needs to be contained to keep as many people safe as possible.


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Nov 27, 2008
Vernon, B.C.
It would probably have been better to just allow Theo Fleury to shoot pucks at the piece of ****'s crotch(and some at his melon for good measure). Two years is a joke. I really hope they can successfully appeal this to give this scumwad a longer sentence.

Don't hold your breath. Mr. (Tough on Crime) Harper will have him back on the street by Xmas and running a day care by Valentines Day.

Do you feel sympathy for Theo?

Which has to do what with what?


Trolling Hypocrites
May 27, 2007
Northern Ontario,
Even James' brother makes more sense than you......
Even Graham James’ brother believes the sexually abusive coach got off easy with his latest prison sentence, suggesting a more appropriate penalty would have included life behind bars.

Rusty James broke 15 years of the family’s silence Saturday, telling the Sun he believes his older sibling deserved far more than the two-year prison sentence he was handed Tuesday for abusing Theo Fleury and his cousin Todd Holt.

“Throughout this latest process, I can’t help but think of the Bernie Madoff case,” said James of the notorious Wall Street swindler.

“Madoff is in jail for 150 years for stealing people’s money. Graham stole much more than that from his victims — their childhoods, their lives, their dreams — and just got a few years.

“To me, Bernie’s crimes pale in comparison.”

What’s just as bad in Rusty’s mind, is the fact Graham garnered trust from all those who knew him to perpetrate his crimes.

He points out that in many ways, Graham’s co-workers, scouts, hockey associations, friends, relatives and parents *— including James’ own parents — were also casualties of his actions.

Graham James' brother appalled by sentence - Crime -