Cuba loves their socialism so much they are mass protesting in support, huh? They are against it?


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Oct 18, 2015
And considering YOU are the one that considers me to be a failure, I'll just chalk it up to your pathetic laziness and envy. But yeah, I'm a real failure man. University educated with a B.A. in History and CPL-AFO certification. Owned my own bush flying business and made some nice profits from the stock market over the years. Not to mention all the gold ingots I bought years ago when gold was less than $400/oz. Yep, capitalism sure screwed me over ya fucking lazy, Marxist-commie sack of shit. Get a fucking job instead of giving them to support your obvious alcohol problem.
Showing western education how relevant it is!


Time Out
Feb 11, 2020
how are you not embarrassed to be 60 years old and type like a 13 year old?
Because that buffoon has not yet grown up. Liberals are so childish and they do enjoy acting like childish little idiots that they really are. Just saying. LOL.