Conservatives vote to officially deny reality

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Apr 9, 2008
Regina, Saskatchewan
The Supreme Court agrees.

Supreme Court rules Ottawa's carbon tax is constitutional​

In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled the federal Liberal government's carbon pricing regime is constitutional — a major decision that allows Ottawa to push ahead with its ambitious plan to ensure every province and territory has a price on carbon to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Some provinces — notably Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan — have forcefully opposed the carbon tax, arguing natural resources are in the provinces' jurisdiction under the Constitution.

Chief Justice Richard Wagner, writing for the majority, said the federal government is free to impose minimum pricing standards because the threat of climate change is so great that it demands a co-ordinated national approach.

Supreme Court rules Ottawa's carbon tax is constitutional | CBC News

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled the federal Liberal government's carbon pricing regime is constitutional, not that it's right, or effective, or anything else. The decision was split 6-3 so what did the three say in dissent & why?

Justice Suzanne Cote dissented in part, agreeing climate change is an issue of national concern but taking issue with the power the federal cabinet gave itself to adjust the law’s scope, including which fuels the price would apply to.

Justices Malcolm Rowe and Russell Brown dissented with the entire decision, arguing Canada had not shown climate change reaches the level of national concern. They objected the precedent the majority’s decision sets would allow Ottawa to set minimum national standards in all areas of provincial jurisdiction.
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Prickly Curmudgeon Smiter
Jun 28, 2010
Your loss too idiot. Well maybe not since your parents supply you with everything, but everyone else will be paying carbon tax on their Canadian grown food. Doesn't apply to imports from China and Mexico.
Best I can tell it doesn't apply to exported fossil fuels either. Cause fuel burned in other countries doesn't pollute. Oh, and low income owned vehicles don't pollute either since they get a rebate.
I'm sorry you're poor.

Make more money next time.


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Sep 6, 2015
Olympus Mons
You really suck at this lol
No, you really suck. The 6 judges who said the carbon tax was constitutional were from Quebec and Ontario. The Chief Justice being from Montreal. What a shocker that idiots from Quebec would call a FEDERAL carbon tax that allows disparity in tax rates between provinces, ie; Quebec paying 50% less than the federal standard. Based on his statement about the ruling, I fail to see how allowing one province to pay less than the federal standard, you know, because the ruling stated the climate is federal domain, wouldn't cause a lack of confidence in the carbon tax among the ROC.
As for the Ontario judges who went along with the transfer of wealth, well we know it's the Laurentian crowd they primarily serve, not Canada.

Why do I call it a transfer of wealth? Well according to the govt, they tax the big emitters (with exemptions provided for their corporate cronies of course), collect a couple billion in carbon taxes just to spend $225 million on "climate initiatives" that could easily come out of the $6.5 billion we waste every year on foreign aid, and hand the rest back to the "average taxpayer". So basically the plan is to fuck over certain industries, many of them NOT in Quebec, into giving you and me and the people next door the better part of $2 billion. And that's at the current $25/tonne rate. It's a leftard's wet dream. Free govt cheese at the expense of those nasty capitalists. It's also a great way to buy your vote. I bet yours was bought. How much was your carbon tax refund Flossy? I wanna know how cheaply you're selling your soul for.


Prickly Curmudgeon Smiter
Jun 28, 2010
First it was 'you don't understand what constitutional means' and now it's 'the system is rigged against me'. Poor thing.

I just get to enjoy watching the fireworks lol


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Sep 23, 2015
Still livin in your sea side mansion Al?
I hope you still own a shovel for other things than snow.
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