Canada's New Governor General Designate


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Nov 25, 2008
Vancouver Island
The bureaucrats are more in love with the system than the so called beneficiaries. They would hate for anyone to move on and not require them to consult and hold meetings. The only use of the indigenous people is to justify the cause and purpose for their work. After that it is all about the jobs. Nobody working late on a Friday in that department.

75% of project funding never sees the job site. That's "white people" looking after things they know nothing about.

4 tasks of management are to plan and Canada has great planners. Organizing they are not so good at. Leading and Controlling they have no clue because they have never lead or controlled anything in their lives. They consider themselves born leaders who require no experience.

Watch season 3 of the Soprano's. Same story line.
That is largely because the government does not believe in promoting on merit, or even seniority. Connections and being the flavour of the day is most important.
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