Alberta is on the verge of another boom — will it be more sustainable this time around?

Ron in Regina

"Voice of the West" Party
Apr 9, 2008
Regina, Saskatchewan
Full disclosure: I believe climate change is real and humans contribute to it. But that statement only displays my personal virtue. It does not measure how serious the problem is, nor does it suggest the actions or the costs required to solve it. But these latter details are really the only meaningful discussion points in climate policy.
That said, Mayor Jyoti Gondek’s first order of business as mayor — “to declare a climate emergency” — is a bit long on virtue and short on substance.
First of all, some context. The Alberta economy has been in a serious decline since 2014 and there is no end in sight. Unemployment continues to plague us at 7.6 per cent or nearly 180,000 individuals. Calgary’s downtown has become a ghost town with nearly 14 million square feet or 30 per cent vacant office space. Calgary used to be the fastest-growing city in Canada but now more people are leaving than are coming. These trends will continue. The primary economic driver and taxpayer in Alberta will continue to decline and Calgary as its nerve centre will continue to waste away.

This is happening because of malevolent federal government policies designed to destroy our industry. The rationale for these policies, “climate change is real,” somehow translated into “we need to kill the Alberta oil and gas industry.” It will get worse.

The recent COP26 conference demonstrated that the goalposts for these policies will continue to become more draconian. It sounds as if Calgarians have already done enough to save the planet, but Mayor Gondek wants us to do more?

Do we really need to be “a leader in the world of transition (to low carbon economies)” and “move past oil and gas”? Except the world is not moving past oil and gas.

Emissions continue to grow fastest in the highest-consuming countries of India and China. And oil-producing countries are growing their production. The International Energy Agency predicts that oil and gas demand will continue to increase for another 20 years until 2040. Why should Calgary bear a disproportionate cost of saving the world?

Yes, city council can declare a climate “emergency,” but it will do nothing except show Calgarians how woke they are and show the world how clueless we are in Calgary.

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