A refreshing change on the campaign trail — crystal clear answers from a politician

Ron in Regina

"Voice of the West" Party
Apr 9, 2008
Regina, Saskatchewan
Trudeau’s idea of, for example, disinformation could simply be news that he wishes hadn’t been published.

Remember this doozy of a line the PM uttered back in 2019: “The allegations in the Globe story are false. Neither the current nor the previous attorney general was ever directed by me or by anyone in my office to take a decision in this matter.”
Fake news in the Globe & Mail? We can’t have that, now can we? Better shut them down, or, at the very least, have their questionable story taken down and fine them so they learn their lesson.

Hold on though. Those allegations — about the SNC-Lavalin affair — were later proven to be more accurate than Trudeau would admit.

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