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  • Oooooohhh. I guess I can wait for the dvd. :D Don't feel like changing anything on the pc. :)
    Thank you, though. You might also like what I said in my reply to beaver's silliness. too. :)
    How did you do that? Bear has been giving me those thumbs up things too, but all I can figure out is the reddie/greenie things.
    Ahhh. Jamie said she wants to know also. I'm open either way I guess. She likes Zoey for a girl name. I guess I get to choose if it's a boy. But that's a loooong way off yet!
    Oh, yeah. They have no sense of adventure. lol He's going to be a "William Russell something". Not sure if they decided on the last name yet. Probably will be one of those hyphenated jobbies. lol
    lol... lame that it happened or lame that I was amused by it? lol. either way, I really am on here too damn much. lol
    lol.... well, tell you what... I can give you some extra ass if you need. Oh wait... that sounded wrong....
    You are most welcome, Tonington - do you have a short form of that handle??? I am really glad for you. You will be in such a beautiful part of our country too. Again, my congrats!
    thanks, I'm ok, but I sure feel bad for anyone who is really in trouble with the flu - read my post in the h1n1 thread.
    just got home from the health centre, about to post about my less than satisfactory visit there...
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