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  • Looks like a late harvest. Still getting frost here. PG got snow last weekend too, I heard.
    Talloola, I love your insights on our game but I think the word you wanted was "parity" (denoting equality) not "parody" (which is what YJ is compared to a sports fan) :) Go Kelowna at the Memorial Cup!
    Hey, HUn. We haven't planted garden yet. Usually transplant into the garden about the 24th, but we had late spring too. maybe the end of the month. Anna thinks she lost a bunch of roses cuz it got pretty cold before the snow came. tulips, hyacynths, daffys, and crocus are up & blooming. Forsythias are blooming.
    Hello talloola. Unfortunately, I had to work so I missed the game. I got to see Washington lose to New York(which was not good!) again. I really hope they can come back(as I despise the Rangers) but it doesn't look good. Vancouver should be nice and rested for their next series, which will help them immensely.:)
    Hey talloola! looks like your going to make Senate soon with post #5000!!! Are you planning an acceptance speech? ;)
    Good morning Talloola- just wondering if you know Bob Weston, he lives right at the corner of Lake Trail Rd. and Powerhouse Rd. more or less across the road from Arden School? They've been there for years, if in fact they still are.
    Hi Talloola- Our house is for sale right now, next move Salmon Arm I think, my wife wants to move move than I do but we've been here almost 10 years, so what the heck.
    Yep, it was a good area but my employer decided I was needed elsewhere more urgently so we packed up and moved to Squamish for one year- sure glad it was only one year and after that they moved me to Parksville where we lived for 14 years.
    I thought I posted another message but I guess it's out in cyber space somewhere- saying that we lived at the top of Rachael Rd on the right next to the powerline during 1982 and 83. I bought the property and moved a mobile home onto it.
    Hi again, the other road I was trying to think of is Salsbury Rd. Heading north on that we were the last place on the right.
    Hi talloola - I knew people who lived near the end of Mccaulay Rd.- Bob and Valerie Robinson- I worked with Bob many years ago.
    Small world, talloola, we lived in Courtenay from 1976 until 1984. For the first six years we lived on Wentworth Rd. at the top of Mission Hill and then we moved in '82 out to Rachel Rd. which runs west off the end of Powerhouse Rd. That all came to a sudden end when my employer wanted me elsewhere, so we spent a year in Squamish.
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