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  • I got a little Bassman 150 , it tilts .
    I had a huge 200 watt Lab Series before... I called it my monolith, that is when I had mt Rickenbaker .... sold that like ages ago, The rick had a stereo output , basically one pickup per channel, I had the bass pickup go through the simplier side of the amp and the trebble through the higher frequency of the amp.
    The Rick had a neck problem, from the nut to the 5th fret it would lean back , which made the rest of the action too high to my taste...... would love to find a tube amp , even if it is just the head.
    What sold me was the touch , it was sooo low and when i bought it I also bought a fender amp.... it is the first time that I am never playing and adjusting sound .... it is awesome.
    I had a rickenbaker 4001 many years ago , a 76.... loved it but not as much as what I have now ...

    Wow a 68 eh? awesome , Playing off a tube amp?
    Hey are those your basses?
    I bought the Geddy lee signature jazz bass last year .... awesome :D
    Hello, thank you for the birthday wish back in 2009. I know I've been absent for some time, and I apologize, and I will try not to do that again. Best wishes :)
    ah Rick - you still make me smile. (btw - since you now have a monopoly on the truth, how about selling shares? I'm sure there's a fortune to be had... and cut me in for at least 40% since it was my idea mmmkay? ;)
    How ya been bud?!?! Anything exciting going on?

    Hey! I got the first 2010 posting on your wall! Might as well take advantage;)

    Hey Rick. I've heard about the new vB but have not really been paying attention to it. I think for the moment I'll just stick with vbulletin as I've integrated the login system with the rest of the site and I know it pretty well. Come to think of it, I wonder if there's a demo available? Anyhow, Jelsoft was purchased by some Internet portal network a while back so I think a lot of people aren't too happy with where it's going.
    "There's a guy in the depilatory aisle who's set up a tent.... he's starting to scare away the customers!"
    "I can't find a good beaver pelt at Zellers these days."

    No, they specialize more in stuff for unpelting beaver. Razors. Wax. Nair. You get the picture.
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