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  • Hi
    I work in a grocery store. Barish is not my friend really. He is a co-worker and I really do not know him well. He is like you, much younger than me and we both work in very different departments of the store. I only see him now and again. My province is a very very long ways away from where your cousin is. You would have to drive about 4 days by car to get to where I am from where your cousin is.
    Hi there. Please do not use the Wall system to spam other member's Walls unless they give you permission beforehand. Thank you.
    Hi hacettepeli,
    I hope that when you do come to Canada, you will enjoy life here. I know very little about your country but what I do know is that it is beautiful as well! My home is in Newfoundland, but most of each year I work away in other parts of Canada. I would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Canada if I can!
    Hello! Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will enjoy it here, there is a great group of people here!
    Hello again.
    It is nice of you to write to me. You are the fellow from Turkey aren't you? I live on Vancouver Island. You will have to have a look at a map of Canada to see where it is. We are surrounded by ocean. I was not kidding you about BC being the warmest province because it really is. I told you that I work with another man from Turkey and I do. His name is Barish (spelled wrong I believe because they spelled it in such a way that the rest of us would know how to say it). If you want to know some things about Canada, I will try to help you out. Take care.
    Bye now.
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