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    NDP - CAW so long The CAW has voted to sever it's long lasting and traditional links with the New Democratic Party of Canada after the fall out during the last federal election. The NDP which is the only real...
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    Did you know we are all communists? No really!

    I think the standerds of this film proves we are all communists! Quick lets have a "loyality parade" and wave American flags to change our evil ways!!!
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    Funny Political vid -Gov spying?

    Thought it was a little funny and wished to share. Any thoughts on it besides saying that yes, Jack Layton aka: the Video professor is a communist. lol. (he's not btw)
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    Bush molests Merkel

    Well you can also see it at CTV without the funny comments. ummm, I'll let you guys watch and comment first again!
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    G.W. Bush Candid talk with Blair caught on video
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    Girl Guides new dirty theme I might be a Social-Libertarian, tell me what the hell are the girl guides of Canada smoking, because I want some of what they have... Or perhaps and are spiking the cockies! Anyhow so they've come up with a new dirty ad...
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    Fed-NDP and Former NDP Candidate apology on website Former NDP Canidate MR Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson and the Federal NDP apoligized to both the the Liberal party and the people, concerning a meeting which the Liberals set up with the NDP Canidate. It would seem as if the court hearing found nothing was done wrong by...
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    G.W. Bush real State of the Union Address I think this one which we all know was the real one has more reality in it then that of what we saw. =-D :twisted:
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    Metric the communist plot (we lost?)

    Um, can you believe this old cbc cast? If you ask me this is still how some Americans view the world. Somewhatmessed up. So um, did the great "communist" plot of metric work in Canada. We all use it now...
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    American Congress resolution to thank Canada Yup the Americans, at least in Congress, like us it would seem, or at least our...
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    NDP Sellouts/political opportunist stick together Dosanjh, lets it to be known he fully supports Rae to become the next Liberal leader. Yeah both these clowns were former NDP leaders who went to the Liberal side for various "reasons". I will...
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    Roman emperor, Consul, Tribune, General or Leader (favorite)

    Well this is easy... Lets talk about our favorite Roman leaders. Ok everyone knows I'm an admirer of the Roman Republic, and yes I love many of the rulers of the Republic but there was one Roman ruler which deserves my respect more then any other. Everyone knows that Rome was once a...
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    Opus Dei, Fanatics or Faithful

    Opus Dei Home page Somewhat Anti-Opus Dei page These are the religous fanatics who you may be familure with from the Da Vinci Code currently in the movies and the best sellwer book. Now seperating fact from fiction. I doubt they have killer monks...
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    Da Vinci Code Banned The Pakistan government has banned the Da Vinci Code for "blasphemous material about Jesus" which it feels may offend the Christian minority in its nation. I'm sorry but banning any work...
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    A secret about men and relationships.

    Yup I think this movie explains us pretty well. Watch it all hehehe this is what men do, think, and often do. lmao :twisted: