Turkey in warning to Israel: You have one day to apologize for Gaza flotilla raid

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That's fine, but after the inspection the goods and ship and passengers can continue to their original destination.

Yep. After the ship has been searched from top to bottom, in port.


Far as I know the Mavi is still out of commission.



The inspections could just as easily be done in the ports where the loading takes place, course that would mean supplying a complete list of what they consider contraband to be.

This is true. But Israel is not required to do so.


To date only a partial list has ever been released.

You mean the list of contraband is short, but you think it should be longer?


(as far as I know, the IDF is quite far down on the list of things that I do follow closely)

By the lack of facts, understanding and commonsense contained in your posts, that is clearly apparent.
As long as the cargo is inspected by Israel, I have no objection to it being given to Gaza. Gaza gets anything they want through Egypt anyway. These so called flotilla's of so called emergency goods only seem to appease those who keep trying to keep the situation in a crisis mode. (emergency goods seem to have no problem getting into Gaza today).
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