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Does God demand equality?
Does God demand equality? My Gnostic Christian God demands equality of all peoples as a part of our Universalists beliefs. Most religions also... (by French Patriot)
  • forum Spirituality & Philosophy
  • Updated 41 minutes ago by Motar last post
Just in Time for Canada Day
Made in where....... (by tay)
  • forum Canadian Culture
  • Updated 43 minutes ago by gopher last post
The Oil Sands: Your CO2 Snapshot for Today
via sda Wildfires in Alberta and Saskatchewan : Natural Hazards (by Locutus)
  • forum Science & Environment
  • Updated 49 minutes ago by grainfedpraiboy last post
Justin Trudeau to fix Harper's mistakes over the last ten years
Justin Trudeau says major improvement needed after decade of Tory rule After ‎a decade of Conservative government major improvements are desperately required in... (by mentalfloss)
  • forum Canadian Politics
  • Updated 1 hour ago by JLM last post
Men who dress up as Rubber Dolls
Man, oh man.. this is the first time I have ever heard of this fad.. just watching CSI Crime Scene Investigation Vegas and a victim was killed while wearing a Full... (by B00Mer)
  • forum Hot Topics
  • Updated 1 hour ago by 55Mercury last post
Let's pick on Hillary (Her Thighness)
She wants to be prez. So she better have a thick skin because she ain't black but she is female and the MSM does love her. CNN apologizes profusely after airing... (by Walter)
  • forum US-American Politics
  • Updated 1 hour ago by Walter last post
Hillary Clinton, Get This, Edited the Emails She Turned Over to State...
to Delete Embarrassing References to Oil, Terrorism Another story the media won't discuss. I saw someone note that altering official federal records --... (by Locutus)
  • forum US-American Politics
  • Updated 1 hour ago by Walter last post
CBC Seeks Takedown of Conservative Ad
Claims No One Can Re-Use Its News Clips Without Permission John Groves ‏@jfgroves ... (by Locutus)
  • forum Canadian Politics
  • Updated 1 hour ago by Locutus last post
There Goes America
Supreme Court rules gay couples nationwide have a right to marry In a landmark victory for gay rights, a divided Supreme Court ruled that state prohibitions... (by Tecumsehsbones)
  • forum US-American Politics
  • Updated 1 hour ago by JLM last post
Trudeau's environment plan: End fossil fuel subsidies, invest in clean tech
Clearly this is a Liberal ploy as fossil fuel subsidies don't exist amirite? Trudeau's environment plan: End fossil fuel subsidies, invest in clean tech ... (by mentalfloss)
  • forum Canadian Politics
  • Updated 2 hours ago by petros last post
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