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Climate-Denier Scientist Caught Accepting Bribes from Koch Brothers
Leading Climate-Denier Harvard Scientist Caught Accepting Bribes from Fossil-Fuel Corporations as well as the Koch Brothers For years, politicians... (by tay)
  • forum Climate Change
  • Updated 2 minutes ago by waldo last post
'Jihadi John' identified: ISIS killer named as Mohammed Emwazi from West London
'Jihadi John' identified: ISIS killer named as Mohammed Emwazi from West London The British Islamic State militant who has featured in videos featuring the... (by B00Mer)
  • forum In The News
  • Updated 5 minutes ago by B00Mer last post
New York Times writer calls Newfoundlanders 'fat'
New York Times writer calls Newfoundlanders 'fat' QMI AGENCY First posted: ... (by spaminator)
  • forum Maritimes
  • Updated 49 minutes ago by EagleSmack last post
American atheist blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh
A prominent American blogger of Bangladeshi origin has been hacked to death with machetes by unidentified assailants in Dhaka, after he allegedly received threats... (by tay)
  • forum Spirituality & Philosophy
  • Updated 1 hour ago by damngrumpy last post
Welcome to NHL Hockey!
Welcome to the new CC 'NHL Hockey' forum! With the season edging closer, it's time to get into the swing early and discuss all matters relating to the world's... (by Kreskin)
  • forum NHL Hockey
  • Updated 1 hour ago by talloola last post
US Gov't Lobotomized 2000 WW2 Veterans
Interesting Read. ____________________________________________________________________ Roman Tritzs memories of the past six decades are blurred by age and... (by Twila)
  • forum US-American Politics
  • Updated 1 hour ago by gopher last post
Bouncers - Full Episodes
there um, might be some bad words and a few slaps among these ok: Bouncers - Full Episodes (by Locutus)
  • forum Arts & Entertainment
  • Updated 2 hours ago by Locutus last post
14 signs you were born and raised in british columbia
1. You know the real seasons of BC. Wheres the snow? Theres too much snow! Spring is here. Everything will flood! Will it ever stop raining? Where is summer?... (by B00Mer)
  • forum Hot Topics
  • Updated 3 hours ago by JLM last post
Artistic Expression/The Written Word/Speak Your Mind
A Thread For ....Artistic Expression ...The Written Word ...To Speak Your Mind...Lyrics, Limericks, Catch phrases, Cool Sayings, Slogans, Quotes, Poetry, Best and... (by GreenFish66)
  • forum Arts & Entertainment
  • Updated 3 hours ago by GreenFish66 last post
Welcome to Gaza
(by gore0bsessed)
  • forum Hot Topics
  • Updated 4 hours ago by MHz last post
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