Thieves in Saskatoon steal 34 children's sport wheelchairs


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May 20, 2012
I was going to post this in the 'woodchipper' thread but most likely the thieves did not know what was in the trailer. Hopefully they ditch and let someone know where it is......

Nearly three dozen children's basketball wheelchairs vanished from a parking lot in Saskatoon over the weekend.

A trailer containing the wheelchairs and other sporting equipment used by a children's wheelchair basketball program was discovered missing from the JVR Administration Centre parking lot on Cynthia Street on Monday.

"It's not really the trailer that I care about, it's the 34 wheelchairs that are inside because that's all the wheelchairs for our kids' mini basketball program," said Andrea Muir, executive director of the Saskatchewan Wheelchair Sports Association.

"The chairs aren't worth anything to anybody but us."

The program for children ages six to 16 runs from September to May. The trailer is a silver-coloured 2006 Royal with the Saskatchewan licence plate 859 HDN.

The chairs were Quickie All Court brand, coloured orange and black, and were in various children's sizes. Each cost the organization about $4,000.

Since many families can't afford the special sports wheelchairs, the program loans them out to children who take them home to use in their school gym programs.

Muir is asking the public to be on the lookout for the chairs, and hopes they turn up undamaged.

Trailer containing kids' basketball wheelchairs stolen in Saskatoon - Saskatoon - CBC News


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Sep 23, 2015
I think if caught, they should be built face up into the washroom wheelchair ramps at the cripple kids' stadium.

4000 times 36 is 144,000 so one might still expect 30 to 40 grand if sold on the black market somewhere.

...and stealing trailers is a hell's angels kind of thing.
I know of a local HA big wig who often brags about selling off a trailer of stolen wedding dresses in a weekend. Selling off stolen trailers of stuff, and getting the insurance from fake accidents was his thing(s).
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