Major Democrat Donor Slammed with Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Mar 28, 2009
A Mouse Once Bit My Sister
shouldn't be too long before the left starts questioning why some poor actress was wearing a short skirt or didn't have her shirt buttoned right up to their neck.

Yep, blame the girl for dressing so provocatively and practically begging to get raped by that jackass.... I can see that being the next step
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Feb 21, 2017
Pamela Anderson: Weinstein’s Accusers Knew What They Were ‘Getting Into’ by Going to Hotel Rooms Alone

Backlash! Hollywood fights back!

She could have expressed her intent more clearly, but I agree with what I think she was saying:

If I leave my Lamborghini unattended with the door unlocked, the key in the ignition, and gold coins sitting on the dashboard, and someone comes along to steal it all, he's still guilty of theft. That said, I still could have taken reasonable precautions to at least reduce that risk.

I will say this though. A person who has never been sexually abused before could reasonably trust people more. In fact, even a person who has been sexually abused before but in different circumstances might still trust that he has nothing to worry about in the new circumstances. People do not just instinctively know where danger lies. That requires education.