Heinz will start making ketchup in Canada again


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Sep 6, 2015
Olympus Mons
Is that because French took over their processing plants in Ontario?
No, it's because Kraft-Heinz were short-sighted motherf*ckers and didn't think Canadians would make them pay by f*cking their market share in Canada. And now they think they can come crawling back via Quebec, a province that's only part of Canada when it's convenient for them.
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May 28, 2007
Toronto, ON
I will too.......though to be perfectly honest it must take a more discerning palate then mine to tell the difference in taste. :D
My brother-in-law had us bring down Canadian Heinz ketchup from Canada to the States. He had a little distribution network of people who preferred the Canadian sugars. I never noticed the difference myself in Ketchup (I can in Coke -- I bring my own down for me lol) of the Canadian vs American but he swore by it and found enough other people in WV who also swore by it.

Made for funny border crossings. "Anything to declare? Ketchup". The border guards always gave the same look then waved us through.

I imagine with the borders closed his ketchup supply must be dwindling.

bob the dog

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Aug 14, 2020
Stepped out to Walmart today and see the ketchup war has geared up. Seems like the people at Heinz missed their Canadian friends.

Very little French's and lots of Heinz on the shelves. Guaranteed they paid for that move.
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